Why is Bipartisan Unity Such a Threat to Israel?

As the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks begin to reach their ill-fated end, two of the largest and heavily criticised parties in the Palestinian liberation movement have reunited. A new alliance has been forged between old friends, Hamas and Fatah, after seven years of division. The new unity is causing problems for Israel and American Secretary of State John Kerry.

WGAR News: In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking: John Pilger, The Guardian

Newsletter date: 8 November 2013


* John Pilger, The Guardian: In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking
* New Internationalist magazine interview: John Pilger: Australia's silent apartheid
* The Guardian: John Pilger's Utopia: watch the world exclusive trailer - video
* The Stringer: Stealing A Nation [a documentary by John Pilger and Chris Martin]

* Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal: Brian Manning and the Gurindji 'walk offs'

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: UN Forum said not enough is being done on land rights & health

Aboriginal Tent Embassy - New website launched

Aboriginal Tent Embassy will be massive and we need to be there on January 26 starting with the march from Alinga to Parliament at 9am

People will be coming from all over Australia and some from overseas and I and others from WA will be on our way to stand alongside - A number of social justice groups will be there in numbers with our banners calling loud for justice and for an end to tragic incarceration rates as Gerry Georgatos and Ray Jackson often describe on this site.

Kalgoorlie-Boulder, and the racism that impedes advancement by Aboriginal peoples and the enrichment of multiculturalism

It is sadly unbelievable and appalling in the fact that those with the capacity for change and progress argue that they are lost for solutions. Steve Pennells writes a good descriptive piece, page 28 June 11 in The West Australian, however despairingly quotes the confounded WA Indigenous Affairs Minister Peter Collier, the WA Nationals Brendan Grylls and Kalgoorlie MP John Bowler. In terms of Aboriginal disparity they agree that they do not know what the solutions are. How dare Peter Collier maintain the Indigenous Affairs portfolio?

Educational apartheid in the Northern Territory and the Building The Education Revolution program

The Northern Territory government has set up an apartheid education system in the Northern Territory and the Federal Government seems to accept it.