Forty uranium mines is the plan for Western Australia

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - Credible sources in the uranium sections of resource companies first told The Stringer, in February, of futurist uranium mining plans that are being deliberated by mining companies for Western Australia – which is rich in high grade uranium, and which is easily accessible in this infrastructure wealthy State. They described a burgeoning relationship with India, the world’s most populous nation, as a market for the uranium.


A year of nuclear bungles

The nuclear industry inflicts far more damage on itself than its opponents could ever hope to. The mere mention of the easily-preventable Fukushima disaster probably suffices to establish that point, but there are many more examples. To make the task manageable, this snapshot of recent nuclear shenanigans, jiggery-pokery, goings-on and own-goals is restricted to countries that Australia sells uranium to (or plans to sell uranium to).

Nuclear-free Earth Sun 11 March 2012 Channon Market, Lismore shire, Australia

Jenny Dowell, Mayor of Lismore shire, commiserated with Mahyan Kuri, a young mother originally from Fukushima, and reminded us of the scale of the human tragedy caused by the Japan tsunami; David Bradbury, film-maker and environmental activist just back from a visit to India, spoke of how the Indian farmers and fisherfolk saw nuclear power and uranium as a evil serpent; Robert Corrowa, Bundjalung songman and firekeeper at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, emphasised that the Aboriginal elders did not wish for uranium to be mined in Australia and were deeply distressed that Australian uranium ha


Beverly protestors suing South Australian government

Ten people were in the South Australian Supreme Court this week asking for $630,000 in damages for being beaten with batons, locked in shipping containers and sprayed with capsicum spray by the para-military "Star Force" during a peaceful protest at the Beverly Mine site in 2000. Amongst those attacked was an eleven year old Adnyamathana girl and a Channel 7 news crew. Premier Mike Rann dismissed the claims saying the state had a right to be tough on "feral protestors" and "anarchists".


Alice residents help Cameco move out of town!

Alice residents help Cameco move out of town!

On Wednesday 16th September over 20 Alice Springs residents said “don’t come back!” to Cameco, by offering to help them move out. With uranium exploration having finished at the Angela Pamela site last week the community decided was time for Cameco to pack up and leave town for good.