Anti-racist rally confronts bigots in Brisbane

Below is a reprinted article from the Direct Action Socialist newspaper about an anti-racism rally in Brisbane. The text is by Owain Jones. The rhetoric of groups such as the APDM is the same as the Norwegian killer Andrew Brevnick who demonstrated the dangers that can follow from allowing right wing Islamophobes to flourish. These groups feed off the Islamophobia and xenophobia of the mainstream political parties to try and create an opening for the growth of far right nationalism/facism withint the community.


Why the anti-racism campaign should begin with the rule of law, not Australian values?

After a series of denied by our politicians and police chief over the past years about the existence of racism in Australia, the Gillard Government has finally found the political courage to confront the issue head on by announcing that the government will launch a nationwide campaign against racism and will restore the multiculturalism portfolio after dumping it following the 2010 election.


Anti-racism protest prevents racist rally

Hundreds of anti-racist protestors rallied on the steps of Flinders St on Friday April 9th and successfully prevented a planned racist/fascist rally "Against Immigration and Islam". The protesters from leftist, union and religious groups rallied under the banner "Unite Against Racism".

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The Left and Racial Domination in France: An Interview with Sadri Khiari (MIR)

The Left and Racial Domination in France: An Interview with Sadri Khiari (MIR)
by Danièle Obono

Indian students rally for peace

On the last Sunday of May, hundreds of Indian students and supporters gathered in front of the Royal Melbourne Hospital for a peace rally urging the Victorian Government to take action to stop violence against Indian students. The rally was called by the Federation of Indian Students Association (FISA), following another violent attack on Indian students on Friday night where 5 Indian men were injured, one man was left fighting for his life from stab wounds.