Be Clear, Not Nuclear! Hiroshima Day - Bryon Bay 6/8/11

Several hundred people - along with their babies and dogs - rallied in the heart of Byron at Railway Park to express their opposition to the deadly uranium industry on Sat 6th Aug, Hiroshima Day and to stand in solidarity with the people of Fukushima.

Quoting economist Joseph Steiglitz, MC Harsha Prabhu pointed out the similarities between Wall Street and Fukushima, both symbols of rogue capitalism: delusional speculation, technological hubris, public subsidies and private greed. The fate of the planet hinged on who would win the war: the corporations or the people.


Protest as Martin Ferguson arrives at Growth Challenge conference in Melbourne - 30 June 2011

The speakers list at a conference entitled ‘Growth Challenge – Riding the Resources Boom to Lasting Prosperity’ had been described as “A Who’s who that’s Screwing You” (see the callout on this site - ), but in the event it was only Energy and Resources Minister Martin Ferguson who attracted a concerted protest, courtesy of Friends of the Earth ACE collective, who brought Mr Nuke Death with them…


Protest at Ferguson's office opposing Muckaty nuclear waste dump

On Tuesday about 50 people gathered outside Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson's electoral office in Preston to say Don't Let Martin Ferguson Dump on Muckaty in regard to inflicting a nuclear waste dump on an indigenous community who do not want it. For 18 months anti-nuclear organisations & activists have succesfully kept Minister Ferguson National Radioactive Waste Management Bill from becoming an act. In April 2010 250 Traditional indigenous owners and anti-nuclear activists protested in Tennant Creek in opposition to the proposed Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump.

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WGAR News: Online petition about Aboriginal workers exploited under SIHIP housing program

Newsletter date: 2 April 2011

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Jobs With Justice: A union and community campaign for Aboriginal jobs
SIHIP petition date extended and now online

2,200 protest at plutonium shipments from UK to Germany

About 2,200 nuclear opponents demonstrated outside the Grohnde power station in central north Germany on Sunday 16 January. The protesters, from very young to quite elderly, squatted outside the nuke in a symbolic action. They demanded that the federal and state governments scrap nuclear transport plans.

Hiroshima Day in Melbourne - 6 August 2010

Evening rush-hour crowds at the Flinders Street/Swanston Street intersection were met by a large banner yesterday reminding them of the 45th anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima with its attendant loss of life. The event was organised by Friends of the Earth’s ACE (Anti-Nuclear and Clean Energy) collective, who were also promoting the new Choose Nuclear Free website, while handing out leaflets inviting people to take part in ICAN‘s Million Pleas campaign…


Choose Nuclear Free


Choose Nuclear Free is an initiative of the Medical Association for Prevention of War, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and Friends of the Earth, Australia.

The website contains a wide range of resources − details of political parties' nuclear policies and an animated policy graphic; a summary of key nuclear issues; videos, cartoons and music; and election resources to help Australians to 'Choose Nuclear Free'.


ETU State Council bans members from working in Nuclear Industry

Information below is reposted from the Coober Pedy Regional Times

The debate over uranium mining and the role of nuclear energy in Australia has intensified with a major union launching a campaign against the nuclear industry by banning its members from working in uranium mines, nuclear power stations or any other part of the nuclear fuel cycle.


Anti-nuclear protest at RIo TInto AGM in Melbourne - 26 May

Energy Resources Australia (ERA), the company responsible for the Ranger uranium mine recently revealed to have leaked millions of litres of radioactive water into the World Heritage-listed wetlands of Kakadu National Park (, is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, which held its AGM in Melbourne today.