Does a superannuation fund own Australian National Car Parks?

Recently an irate victim of Australian National Car Parks rang Barkly Square Shopping Complex which has an ANCP car park at the rear and asked them why they are supporting this organization. The complainant was informed that the owner, a 'prestigious' and well known super fund would not be doing anything illegal or wrong.

The complainant was also informed that there is nothing wrong with the way in which ANCP operates, demanding 'damages' from drivers and issuing real-looking fines which are in fact not fines and SHOULD NOT BE PAID.

A Current Affair Investigates Australian National Car Parks, 13th January 2010

Jumping the moderation queue for fans of Australian National Car Parks. On 13th January 2010 A Current Affair will air an investigation of ANCP practices and there will be legal practitioners advising you whether you have to pay the 'liquidated damages' they are demanding ($66, $88, $163) and what to do about their evil letters entitled NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SUE.

Spread the word if you've been affected. There is a Facebook group helping with information and advice called The People vs Australian National Car Parks.

Here is the link so you can watch the programme if you missed it: