15 Feb Occupy Sydney: Solidarity with Greece demo - consulate evacuated, 6 comrades arrested, 11 hours of noise outside police station

On Wednesday the 15th of February participants of the Occupy Sydney movement staged a demonstration in solidarity with the Greek revolt. Over the past week, Greece has been rocked by a General strike, the mobilisation of 500,000 people and massive rioting in the streets of Athens and other Greek cities,


Solidarity with workers and people of Greece - 16 May

The Melbourne branch of Bash Back ( issued a callout for a show of solidarity with 'the workers and people of Greece', adding 'Considering that this country [Australia] has the largest Greek population outside of Greece there should be no question about the need to show solidarity.' Only a dedicated few answered the call - admittedly at short notice - meeting at the State Library in front of the statue of Victoria's 'hanging judge' Redmond Barry (still sporting a placard from the pr


Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre attacked by neo-Nazis

Recently, the Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre (MARC) in Northcote was attacked by neo-Nazis. We believe the attack was in response to a recent anti-fascist action which happened in Burwood. (see More statements may follow from the groups who use the space, but for the moment one of those present has written the following description of what happened.