US caught off-guard by Russia

Russia's patriotism is surging, from Cape Dezhnev to the Baltic sea, and Vladimir Putin is starting to answer calls to raise the stature of his nation to that of a former glory. After two decades of hibernation, it has become apparent that the Russian bear is beginning to stir once more.

Role of CIA-linked agents in crack epidemic

IF THEY'D BEEN IN a more respectable line of work, Norwin Meneses, Danilo Blandon and ''Freeway Rick'' Ross would have been hailed as geniuses of marketing.
This odd trio -- a smuggler, a bureaucrat and a driven ghetto teen-ager -- made fortunes creating the first mass market in America for a product so hellishly desirable that consumers will literally kill to get it: ''crack'' cocaine.

America’s unnerving celebrations post Bin Laden's death

"Rot in hell" screams the front page of the New York Post. “The Butcher of 9/11 is dead”, “We got him”, “US nails the bastard” as the United States of America basks in bloodthirsty revelry, tabloid antics went into over-drive. Spontaneous celebration filled Times Square, crowds gathered in front of the White House euphorically cheering “USA, USA, USA”. Mass hysteria broke out on the social networking scene with Twitter reporting 4000 tweets per second as news of Osama Bin Laden’s murder broke out.

How US taxpayers' money goes to support the slave trade (pt. 1)

Right now conservatives and progressives across my country, America, are considering ways to cut government spending. One of the options tossed about concerns cuts to military spending. Within this area there are so many things to consider. There are so many things to discuss and ways to break each of them down.

Choices and Options

Few of the people in my country, America, dispute the fact we live in a nation which savors freedoms and liberties. Often taken for granted, we have so many choices. We can converse with who we choose and when. We communicate online with whomever we wish barring few exceptions. We can send mail to almost anyone. We can hear from any and all political parties during presidential elections - that is given they're Democrat or Republican.