Australian government proposes sweeping Internet surveillance

Reposted from the WSWS By Mike Head 14 July 2012 Australia’s Labor government is pushing for unprecedented powers to intercept all Internet communications, in line with similar measures in the United States and Europe. Under the proposals, everything that Australians do on-line, from Skype calls to Twitter and Facebook posts, would be stored for up to two years so that the security agencies could explore the data.

The role of the U.S. in the leadership crisis in the ALP

As the media goes into overdrive discussing the leadership crisis in the ALP, the real story of the June 2010 coup against Rudd and its ongoing implications are being ignored. Rudd was removed by a few faceless men in the ALP for a number of reasons: Due to domestic pressure from the mining companies, due to frustration from sections of the business elite about his stimulus package and due to hostility by the U.S. to the Rudd's Government's position on China and the Afghan War. It has been written out of history by the press that Mark Arbib one of the key coup plotters was a U.S. spy and as the following article outlines, the recent Four Corners program has revealed further evidence that the U.S. Government had advance notice of the coup against Rudd. I highly recommend the following article and others on the World Socialist Website to get the real story about Australian politics - make no mistake there is far more than a clash of personalities going on in Canberra right now.

Choose Nuclear Free


Choose Nuclear Free is an initiative of the Medical Association for Prevention of War, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and Friends of the Earth, Australia.

The website contains a wide range of resources − details of political parties' nuclear policies and an animated policy graphic; a summary of key nuclear issues; videos, cartoons and music; and election resources to help Australians to 'Choose Nuclear Free'.


Climate activists protest Julia Gillard over ALP climate change policy

ALP policy on climate change action has been strongly criticised by environment and climate action groups with protests at Julia Gillard's climate change policy launch in Brisbane, and protests at Julia Gillard's Werribee electoral office and her Melbourne Treasury Place office.

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Climate activists lock on at Gillard's office to protest pathetic ALP policy

In a spontaneous response to Julia Gillard's pathetic climate policy announcement yesterday morning, Shaun Murray and Carey Priest from the Switch Off Hazelwood Collective locked themselves to the door of her electoral office in Werribee. After initially scoping out the office and purchasing 'D'-locks from the local bike shop, the pair returned shortly afterwards at approximately 2:55pm yesterday and locked themselves by the neck to the door.


Asylum seeker "debate" used to hide corporate coup

In a cynical and disgusting act, the ALP has stirred up a “debate” on asylum seekers within days of capitulating to the major mining corporations. Once again the rich and powerful seek to scapegoat the weak and vulnerable to disguise their misdeeds. The mainstream media has jumped to the cue, no-longer discussing the “old news” of how multi-national mining companies have successfully avoided paying billions of dollars in tax and helped engineer the overthrow of sitting PM in the process.


Teachers union NAPLAN back down under ALP anti-worker attack

On Thursday 6th May the AEU the public school teacher union backed down on a NAPLAN boycott in the face of an anti-worker attack from the Federal ALP led by Julia Guillard. The AEU responding to grassroots teacher anger had called a boycott of the NAPLAN to prevent the publication of “League Tables” of schools based on the new Federal “MySchools” Website. Teachers across the country had been threatened with disciplinary action and individual fines of up to $6600 as Guillard gleefully used anti-worker laws to bully teachers into submission.


Federal ALP wants to jail people who help asylum seekers

The Federal ALP is planning to bring in laws that would declare anyone who assists asylum seekers in coming to Australia even if they receive no financial gain a "people smuggler" and they face jail time. The Melbourne Age states a "modern day Oskar Schindler" would face 10 years jail. The captain of the Tampa could have been jailed under these laws. The new law also gives ASIO the power to tap phones in Australia to tackle the "problem" of people smuggling.


Peter Garrett: 'beds are burning' protest - Melbourne 12 November 09

The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts was in town to deliver a speech on energy saving, but environmentalists staged a welcome designed to remind him of speeches he delivered before he joined the ALP, in the days when he vigourously and vocally opposed policies he now defends ...