Survey on the deterrent effects of drug law enforcement being run by UNSW

The Australian government expends an estimated $1.7 billion on responding to illicit drugs every year, with policing comprising 64% of this expenditure. One core assumption underpinning this investment is that police can deter, discourage or prevent drug offending. It is argued that drug laws and enforcement of those laws will reduce involvement in drug use and trafficking. But, there remains very limited research into the extent or nature of deterrent effects. One cause of this gap is methodological.


WGAR News: Indigenous legal aid cuts must not go ahead: Greens Senators Rachel Siewert & Penny Wright

Newsletter date: 25 November 2013


* Greens Senators Rachel Siewert & Penny Wright: Indigenous legal aid cuts must not go ahead
* Amy McQuire, Tracker: Come clean on Indigenous legal aid cuts: Greens
* Brooke Boney, NITV News: Nova Peris questions Indigenous legal aid cuts
* WGAR News: Coalition's proposed cuts 'a heartless decision' says ALSWA: Aboriginal Legal Service WA (9 Sep 13)
* Background to Justice Reinvestment, Aboriginal imprisonment and Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

* Amy McQuire, Tracker: White justice crippling a community

WGAR News: "Genuine Participation of Aboriginal ... Peoples in Child Protection Decision-making"

Newsletter date: 28 December 2012


* SNAICC News: Genuine Participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Child Protection Decision-making

* Leah Talbot & Dave Sweeney, ACF: Looking to the mining industry to empower Indigenous communities is a dangerous and fraught path

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WGAR News: Government cuts a major blow to the territory's vulnerable children and families: SNAICC

Newsletter date: 19 December 2012


* SNAICC News: Government cuts a major blow to the territory’s vulnerable children and families

* Jon Altman and Susie Russell, Evidence Base Journal:
Too much 'Dreaming': Evaluations of the Northern Territory National Emergency Response Intervention 2007-2012
* Background to 'Stronger Futures' new NT Intervention laws
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention

* 2012 National Congress meeting in Alice Springs: Speeches, Videos and Photos
* Background to National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples