Aboriginal Tent Embassy

WGAR News: "Brisbane Blacks Monthly - Bringing the fight to you" Online Magazine

Newsletter date: 26 March 2013


* "Brisbane Blacks Monthly - Bringing the fight to you" Online Magazine
* Wayne "Coco" Wharton, Brisbane Blacks Monthly: Understanding The Recognition Bill
* Callum Clayton-Dixon, Brisbane Blacks Monthly: Government ignores 'Elephant in the Room'
* Workers Bush Telegraph: Corroboree marks first anniversary of the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy
* NIRS: Brisbane Embassy celebrates one year
* Background to the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy, Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement

WGAR News: Embassy warriors found 'Not Guilty': Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy

Newsletter date: 17 March 2013


* Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy: Brisbane Sovereign Embassy warriors found 'Not Guilty'
* NIRS Audio: Brisbane Embassy members have charges dropped
* Christine Flatley, Brisbane Times: Aboriginal tent embassy charges dropped
* Background to the Aboriginal tent embassies

* SNAICC News: New approaches are needed to child protection - or we risk another Stolen Generation

* Indigenous radio station 98.9FM Brisbane: Let's Talk Interviews
- Nicole Watson, researcher with Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning

WGAR News: 200 Aboriginal Maralinga victims denied compensation: Gerry Georgatos, Indymedia

Newsletter date: 21 January 2013


* Gerry Georgatos, Indymedia Australia: 200 Aboriginal Maralinga victims denied compensation
* Background to Justice for Aboriginal victims of Maralinga nuclear tests

* Gerry Georgatos, Indymedia Australia: Goolarabooloo Law Bosses lift the ante in battle with Woodside over gas hub
* Background to Walmadan Tent Embassy, James Price Point, north of Broome, Kimberley Region, WA

* Gerry Georgatos, Indymedia Australia: Lobby restaurant incident - January 26, 2012 - Will Prime Minister Gillard finally admit the truth and apologise?

Aboriginal Tent Embassy – Canberra, January 26-28 – “We will not leave till justice, at long last, is done”

Aboriginal embassy.jpg•Thousands to camp at Aboriginal Tent Embassy
•Thousands to stay till racism and discrimination are eliminated
•The Intervention must end immediately
•The full suite of funding and services to all Aboriginal communities must be met
•The intentions of Native Title to be upheld, and more

By Gerry Georgatos On the midnight morning of January 27, 1972, at shy of 1am a beach umbrella was planted on a lawn in front of Parliament House in Canberra, and as dawn broke so did the news go national. History was raised - this was the onset of 'Aboriginal Tent Embassy'