2014 Budget

WGAR News: Where to now? Budget reveals attacks against Culture and our connection to our Land: Dr Woolombi Waters, The Stringer

Newsletter date: 1 June 2014


* Pam Reilly, CAAMA Radio: New Charges to see a Doctor...Death Tax for Aboriginal people [Featuring John Paterson, CEO, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT]

* Dr Woolombi Waters, The Stringer: Where to now? Budget reveals attacks against Culture and our connection to our Land [Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times]

* WGAR: Open Letter: WGAR advocates long-term funding for Aboriginal community controlled organisations

* ANTaR: Budget Response 2014: Take Action! Write to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs


Thousands march in Australian cities against budget

Reprinted from the World Socialist Website Thousands of people attended “March Australia” rallies on Sunday to protest against the harsh budget measures announced last week by the Liberal-National government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Some 10,000 marched in Sydney, up to 7,000 in Adelaide, similar numbers in Melbourne and 1,500 in Perth. Some 500 people rallied in Brisbane and Hobart.


WGAR News: Aboriginal Peoples and the impact of the 2014 Federal Budget

Newsletter date: 20 May 2014


* Amy McQuire, The Guardian: Cash for jails: Tony Abbott's budget for Indigenous Australia

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: "Warren Mundine, show your face," Tauto Sansbury [Featuring Tauto Sansbury]

* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews Chris Graham speaking about and breaking down the recently announced Australian Budget
* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews Mary Graham & Monica Morgan about the upcoming Budget announcement