Transgender Medical Rights

Transgender medical rights, medical equality to access and care, the Informed Consent Model is best practise.


Transgender, what it means

1. Being transgender is NOT a psychiatric/mental health issue
2. Being transgender is NOT a sexual condition
3. Being transgender is NOTHING to do with sexual orientation
4. Being transgender IS A PHYSICAL problem


Why transition legislation is needed in Victoria

WGAR News: Storm in a Vegemite jar: Stephanie Convery, Overland literary journal

Newsletter date: 13 August 2015


* News Analysis: Stephanie Convery, Overland literary journal: Storm in a Vegemite jar

* About Overland:

* Audio: CAAMA Radio [and The Wire]: Vegemite Gate continues to gain attention [featuring Dr. Peter Aldred from Federation University in Melbourne]

Twitter chat on political honesty & transparency

Date and Time: 
Sat, 15/08/2015 -
10:00am to 11:00am
Please use the Twitter hashtag #openaus and see the related post at for details
Contact Name: 
Rosie Williams
Contact Phone: 
Contact Email:

I have launched a site, OpenAus that focuses on political and financial transparency in Australia. Launch of my project coincides with the #choppergate scandal which has made the honesty and integrity of our politicians the focus of public discussion and debate. Transparency has a big role to play in addressing mis-use of tax payer funds whether it is through entitlement spending or any other government approved purpose.


Australian Taxation Office Online Tax Return Creates Problems for Student Visa Taxpayers

ATO FAIL. The online form does not properly address the requirements for students from overseas. All is fine until you get to the Medicare Levy Exemption page. 

Answer the questions thus:

Were you in one of the following exemption categories? Yes

Full 2% exemption - 365 days

Were you a temporary resident for Medicare purposes and have Medicare Entitlement Statement from the Department of Human Services?

- No

Were you and all of your dependants covered by an appropriate level of private patient hospital cover from 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015?


WGAR News: One in ten Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders have been to jail - racialised imprisonment: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer

Newsletter date: 8 August 2015, 5:10pm AEST


* Analysis / Opinion: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: One in ten Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders have been to jail - racialised imprisonment

* Analysis / Opinion: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Yolnu youth should not be finishing up in prison [featuring Richard Trudgen, community development educator in the Arnhem]

WGAR News: Wangan & Jagalingou family groups spokesperson Murrawah Johnson speaking about the unsuccessful Carmichael coal mine: NIRS Weekly News-in-Review

Newsletter date: 7 August 2015; last updated 7 August 2015, 3:20pm AEST


* Audio Interview: Cassandra Tim, Adam Evans & Grace Pashley, NIRS Weekly News-in-Review:
A lead spokesperson for the Wangan and Jagalingou family groups Murrawah Johnson speaking about the unsuccessful Carmichael coal mine

WGAR News: Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture 2015. "You can keep your gold. We just want our land back.": The Northern Myth; speech by Jeff McMullen

Newsletter date: 11 August 2015; last updated 11 August 2015 8:30pm AEST


* Speech: The Northern Myth: Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture 2015. "You can keep your gold. We just want our land back." [featuring speech by Jeff McMullen]

* Radio Interview: Mornings with Rebecca McLaren, ABC Darwin: Lingiari lecture 2015: Jeff McMullen

Left Inquiry Urged Into Allegations Made About Sexual Misconduct of Late, Former Leader of Parties that Devolved Into Today's Socialist Alliance in Australia


The following items were posted over the course of the past year or so onto the Facebook page of The Australian Radical Leftist Network.   I have decided that the importance of the issues raised within the material posted to that Facebook page demands wider exposure in the left media in this country, and possibly abroad.   Therefore I am initially forwarding slightly-edited copies of these posts to the (Perth) Indymedia site in Australia.

- Graham Milner



Graham Milner:  February 16, 2015