Use it or lose it - Australia loses energy daily

By Ray Wills

Calls by the Rudd Government to “use it or lose it” could also equally apply to Australia’s renewable energy resources, according to the Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association Inc. (WA SEA).
‘Australia wastes energy every day, with enough renewable energy to power all of Australia going unused across Australia every day,’ says Dr Ray Wills, WA SEA Chief Executive.


Climate emergency: Thousands march for action across Australia

On June 13, 2009 thousands of people around Australia rallied for action on Climate Change, calling for 100% renewable energy by 2020 and demanding that Australia must make the shift from fossil fuels to wind, solar and other available renewable technologies. Rallies were held in capital cities around Australia, with people siting down outside Kevin Rudd's city office in Sydney and a sitdown protest in front of the Melbourne Town Hall where the Victorian State ALP conference was ocurring.

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Coroner finds Aboriginal elder "cooked to death" in a police van.

In a damning and disturbing finding today the WA Coroner has released their report into the death of Aboriginal Elder known as Mr Ward. The Coroner found that Mr Ward has died a "ghastly" death and essentially cooked in the police van he was being transported in. This case shows up both institutionalized racism and the flaws in the privatization of correctional services. Justice needs to be served in yet another Aboriginal Death in Custody.


Australian creatives for positive change

Bindarri - Australian creatives for positive change

This new website will keep audiences informed of all the latest news and events relating to artists and designers working for positive change in Australia.

The Bindarri website includes the largest online directory of Australian designers, as well as essential resources to assist others seeking to create positive outcomes.


National Climate Emergency Rally

Date and Time: 
Sat, 13/06/2009 -
10:00am to 5:00pm
Contact Name: 
Climate Action Centre
Contact Phone: 
03 9639 3660

Join thousands around Australia in calling for real action for a safe climate.

You can find details of interstate rallies at

Call 03 9639 3660 or email for more detail.


Climate protest highlights environment funding in the Australian Budget

Photo courtesy Rising Tide NewcastleEight people were arrested in a dramatic climate protest at Canberra during the 2009 Government budget session over the Government's inadequate response to climate change. So, how did the Environment fare in the budget?

"This is a historic level of Commonwealth investment in solar energy and public transport and we warmly welcome it. The money for solar gives a good kick start to this crucial industry of the future. In contrast, the $2 billion of new funds over nine years for carbon capture and storage research is public money not well spent. The companies that make huge profits from mining and burning coal should fund the research into technologies that may – or may not – help reduce Australia’s carbon emissions in ten, fifteen or twenty years." summed up Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) executive director Don Henry.


Veterans group reflects on brutality of war and question how politicians use our armed forces on ANZAC Day

/Press release/ *23 April 2009*

The Australian-based veterans group Stand Fast, comprised of veterans and former military personnel who oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, today called on people to reject blind patriotism and flag waving this ANZAC Day. Stand Fast has called for reflection on the brutality of war and for people to question if Australia's current wars are really in the interest of the people of Australia.

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As unemployment bites, unions increase membership, push for paid maternity leave

Union membership has increased by 56,000 according to Bureau of Statistics data released 17 April, with more than 1,750,000 workers being union members and unions now covering 24% of employees (excluding casuals). While union membership is up, unemployment is also up with an official unemployment rate of 5.7%. But according to the Australia Institute the real rate of unemployment may be 11.7 per cent, when 'hidden unemployed' are taken into account.


Elder abuse - federal government attacks some of the most vulnerable members of the community

Mannie De Saxe, PO Box 1675, Preston South, Vic 3072
Phone: 03 9471 4878

Elder abuse has been well documented in recent years, covering areas such as abuse in nursing homes, abuse by carers, abuse by partners such as domestic violence, abuse by institutions and abuse by those responsible for management of care for the elderly, frail, sick, disabled.


Protest halts Barrick gold mine operations at Lake Cowal

Protests by the Save Lake Cowal campaign have halted work at the Barrick Gold open pit mine at Lake Cowal, western New South Wales, over the Easter Weekend. Lake Cowal is an ephemeral lake lying in the Lachlan River plain within the Murray-Darling Basin, home to many migratory water birds and sacred sites of the Wiradjuri people.

Twenty Eight people were arrested on Sunday when protestors walked onto the open pit mine closing it down. They were authorised to enter the mine site by Wiradjuri Tradtional Owners.

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