Activists refuse bail following their arrest at the Shoalwater military base

Press Release
14 July 2009

Activists refuse bail following their arrest at the Shoalwater military base

The Christian activists who spent over 30 hours on the Shoalwater Training Area during the Talisman Saber live firing exercise will spend a night in the Rockhampton watchhouse.

The four activists, Margaret Pestorius, Jarrod McKenna, Jessica Morrison and Rev. Simon Moyle were arrested this afternoon at the Shoalwater military base and have been charged with Trespass. Ms Morrison and Rev. Moyle were also charged with obstruction.


Peace protestors found in live fire zone @ Shoalwater Bay

Press Release
Tuesday 14 July 2009

Christian Activists found on Shoalwater Training Area

Margaret Pestorius, Jarrod McKenna, Jessica Morrison and Rev. Simon Moyle have been found this afternoon on the Shoalwater Bay military training area after entering the base yesterday. The four are expected to be handed over to the Queensland Police and taken to Rockhampton Police Station.

For more information contact Treena Lenthall 0447 851 858
Press Release
Monday 13 July 2009

Update: peace activists in live fire zone call on defence minister to end war games

PLEASE CONTACT TS09 info line 1800 639 724 and
Defence Minister John Faulkner
and demand that the exercises be stopped!

Senator Scott Ludlam has informed the Minister of Defence that activists have entered the base.

Arrest @ Rockhampton Barracks

Frank Vavasour, a member of the Catholic organisation Pax Christi in Sydney, was arrested today when he attempted to scale the fence of the Rockhampton military barracks.

Mr Vavasour was part of a protest outside the military barracks where 50 people gathered to express their opposition to the military exercise Operation Talisman Saber.


4 activists enter QLD restricted military area during live-fire exercises


Four nonviolent Christian Activists are currently on the Shoalwater military training area. The ADF have yet to make any comment as to whether they will cancel the exercise and have advised that they are still 'investigating'.

However, according to ABC online ( Captain Brian Lewis from the US Air Force has commented on people being in the training area:

"We're going to make sure that the area's safe and clear and if there is anyone in the area that's unauthorised, we'll escort them out and turn them over to the civilian police," he said.


Cancel Talisman Sabre, peace campaigners demand

The US-Australian Talisman Sabre military exercise due to start tomorrow (6 July) at the Shoalwater Bay Training area near Rockhampton will be met by peace campaigners calling for the war games to be cancelled.

?These exercises are rehearsing for the next invasion. Clearly this is something the Australian people don?t want,? said Denis Doherty from the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition (AABCC).

?Defence has no mandate and no right to conduct these war games and should stop immediately. They are trampling on democracy.


Arrests @ war games in road block

2 Arrests as Military Traffic Blocked at Shoalwater Bay
Professional Press Photographs and video footage of the action available from Thomas Day 04234 12171
For further comment or interview Sean O'Reilly 04237  49946

Two veteran members of the pacifist Catholic Worker movement, Jim Dowling and Ciaron O'Reilly, were arrested this morning after blockading the main access road for the U.S. and Australian military to the Shoalwater Talisman Sabre exercise area for one hour and a half. More than a dozen US Marine Troop carriers were prevented from entering the area.


Peace set to trump war games: Protesters gear up for action – packed weekend

Members of peace, environment and church groups have started gathering in the Rockhampton region to protest and disrupt the Talisman Sabre war games which started this week.

Calling themselves the Peace Convergence, the network has been encouraging community members to take peace action against the exercises which take place in the Shoalwater region from July 6 – 26.

Several small group actions have already caught the public eye as the Peace Convergence gears up for its main weekend of action - this weekend Friday July 10 – Sunday July 12.


C2C Festival Report

The C2C Festival was a gem of an event; small but glittering in its beauty and goodwill.

The crowd was never bigger that 300 but oh, what a beautiful feeling. It lost money but built confidence amongst the young organisers who all worked so well together under Renton Bishopric's leadership