Hundreds of events round Australia call for climate target of 350ppm

From Alphington to Warrawong, Broome to Wagga, Townsville to St Helens thousands of people across Australia attended a diverse variety of over 175 different climate action events calling on politicians to set the target for CO2 emissions to 350 parts per million (ppm) for a reasonable chance of avoiding dangerous climate change. CO2 emissions are already at 387ppm so we need to have negative emissions through active programs to draw down and stabilise carbon from the atmosphere.


Hoons introduce the road rules in Australia

The hoon practices include speeding, heavy acceleration, no regard to cyclists or safety on the road, no common sense, no regard to an environment, no responsibility but imposing danger and chaos. The newly proposed road rules as attached at the bottom of this site and marked, show all those qualities.

Weather the government become effectively a big hoon or allowed hoons to rule is not as important as is the fact that government introduce chaos, and rules which are a hallmark of dangerous hoons.


WGAR News: Reinstating the RDA (Racial Discrimination Act) (26 Oct 09)

WGAR: Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)

WGAR website:

Reinstating the RDA (Racial Discrimination Act)
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Indymedia Australia:
Racial Discrimination Act to be restored for Northern Territory Aborigines

PM should show some guts and fly the 260 Sri Lankans to Australia

MEDIA RELEASE: PM should show some guts and fly the 260 Sri Lankans to Australia

Thursday October 15, 2009 - "Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should open his brave heart - a heart until now only activated in a bout of "prime ministerial swearing" targeting the "scourge of people smugglers" and in a silly turn of resorting to derogatory language, labelling of asylum seekers as "illegal immigrants"," WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning...


Racial Discrimination Act to be restored for Northern Territory Aborigines

By Amnesty International Australia

It sounds too good to be true. The Australian government says it will next week start the process that will reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in the Northern Territory and give Aboriginal people back the rights that non-Indigenous Australians enjoy -- and which they never should have been denied in the first place.


Where is the funding for the Atheist Convention Melbourne 2010?

The Global Atheist Convention 2010 in Melbourne, Australia is expected
to be the largest gathering of atheists, rationalists, humanists,
sceptics, free thinkers and other like-minded people in Australian

The Atheist Foundation of Australia is running the Convention and
applied for government funding months ago – but has not yet received a
response. This delay seems excessive and the government appears to be
trying to dodge the issue of supporting non-believers, perhaps worried
about upsetting the religious organisations they have a mutually


Anarchist posters and leaflet from Aotearoa

Here's some satirical anti-capitalist posters and an introductory anarchist leaflet that have proved very popular in Aotearoa, courtesy of the Wildcat Anarchist Collective in Wellington.

Feel free to add your collective's address or contacts and to rip off and plagiarise generally.


CSIRO says go Veg to Fight Climate Change

In a reversal of their previous bogus "eat meat" dietary advice, the CSIRO in their new CSIRO's Home Energy Saving Handbook has come clean and told Australians that going vegetarian can help half their personal carbon footprint and keep them healthy. What are you waitng for meat eaters - stop eating meat for the planet.


The Rise of Atheism – Global Atheist Convention, Melbourne March 12-14th 2010

Sending a strong message that atheism is gaining momentum as a political issue in Australia, thousands of non-believers will gather in Melbourne next March for a major international convention: The Rise of Atheism. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has been booked for the event which is set to become the largest gathering of non-theists in Australia’s history.