BHP AGM in Brisbane: protestors to oppose expansion of Australia's biggest uranium mine

Only 4 more days until the world's largest mining company holds its annual meeting in Brisbane...
The world’s largest mining company is coming to Brisbane this THURSDAY– and so are traditional owners and others who don’t want to see the land and human rights destroyed.
BHP Billiton will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Thursday Nov 26.


Climate civil disobedience action in Canberra for 40% carbon reduction target

Two hundred people blockaded Parliament House in Canberra today calling on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to secure a strong, legally binding treaty at the upcoming international climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Police arrested 130 people, although it is believed none were charged.


WGAR News: Visit to Australia by Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan (21 Nov 09)

WGAR: Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)

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Visit to Australia by Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan
Government progress report on the NT Intervention
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National Indigenous Times:
Indigenous poverty as 'morally outrageous' as torture: Amnesty head

“Third world scenes” among Australian Aborigines

Irene Khan, Amnesty International Secretary General, announced after spending a week visiting Aborigines in central Australia, "In the heart of this first world I found scenes more reminiscent of the third world. That Indigenous peoples experience human rights violations on a continent of such privilege is not merely disheartening, it is morally outrageous. The moral imperative to eradicate such poverty is no less an imperative on government than to eliminate torture."


Firefighters turn climate heat on Canberra

Sydney IMC: Firefighters demanded action on climate change from politicians in Canberra on November 19 while much of south eastern Australia sweltered and suffered with temperatures well above 30 degrees. Many regions were declared severe, extreme or catastrophic fire danger.


Australia outsourcing violence against asylum seekers

The WSWS website has revealed that Indonesian police shot two Afghan Asylum seekers trying to flee to Australia from a high powered boat supplied by Australia. This is symptomatic of the way that Australia is trying to use its financial and diplomatic muscle to outsource the persecution of asylum seekers trying to come to Australia.


Carbon increasing 2% annually - Australia the worst in the world

The most recent Global Carbon Audit has found that carbon emissions increased by %2 again in 2008, keeping the world on track for worst case scenario climate change of of 6 degree rise in temperature by 2100. Emissions dropped to %2 from an average of %3 increase annually because of the Global Financial Crisis showing how the current capitalist economy ties wealth creation and carbon pollution together.Incredibly carbon emissions have increased %40 globally since 1990. Shamefully Australia is rated as having the highest per capita carbon emissions in the world.


Australia Day honours for the dishonourable: the Public Service Medal

While many recipients of Australia Day Awards are good citizens and deserving, others are not.

It is scandalous that public officials are nominated for the Public Service Award each year and the process is shrouded in secrecy. Neither the nominators nor the nominees are made public before January 26th, so the general public have no opportunity to lodge objections or allegations of corrupt conduct of these senior public servants.

Report assesses climate risks of sea level rise for Australia

A new report published by the Australian Government - Climate Change Risks to Australia's Coasts povides a risk assessment of climate change and rising sea level to Austrlian coastal communities. The report shows between 157,000 to 247,600 existing residential buildings will be at risk from sea inundation by 2100, under a sea-level rise scenario of 1.1 metres.


International investigation reveals multinational fossil fuel campaign to undermine Copenhagen

Starting in July 2009, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists fielded an eight-country team of reporters to uncover the special interests attempting to influence negotiations on a global climate change treaty. A story emerged of far-reaching, multinational backlash by fossil fuel industries and other heavy carbon emitters aimed at slowing progress on control of greenhouse gas emissions.