Australia's obstructionist role causes developing countries to walk

Copenhagen. Dec 14, 2009. Australia and Japan are currently blocking movement on legally binding emissions reductions for rich countries, which has precipitated in the G77 group of 130 developing countries walking out of climate negotiations unless talks on a second commitment period to the Kyoto Protocol are prioritized ahead of broader discussions under a second LCA track. A Flashmob of support by civil society for the African and island nations walkout was held in the convention centre.


Australian presence in Gaza freedom March

Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group member, Marlene Obeid, will be traveling on Christmas Eve to the Middle East to join a peace convergence - the Gaza Freedom March.

Ms Obeid and another 13 Australians will be part of a contingent of approximately 1,000 peace activists who have signed up to take part in this world event called in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to put an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza.


Climate justice fast - hunger striker hospitalised

One of the three people in Canberra who have been on a hunger strike since November 6th, calling for the Copenhagen Treaty to stabilise carbon levels at 350ppm, has been hospitalised after losing 20% of their body weight. The hunger strike is part of a network of hunger strikes happening around the world in the build up to Copenhagen under the banner of the "Climate Justice Fast".


Union calls for 40% emissions reduction target and abandonment of CPRS

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) which covers many of the researchers and academics who work in science, economic modelling and related fields, has called upon the Federal Labor Government and opposition parties to abandon the proposed Emissions Trading System, the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) legislation and instead develop a national pollution reduction strategy that does not primarily rely on market mechanisms.


WGAR News: Income Management to be extended to include Non-Aboriginal People (30 Nov 09)

WGAR: Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)

WGAR website:

Income Management to be extended to include Non-Aboriginal People
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STICS - Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney
New Intervention laws still breach RDA

Marine Scientists call for climate action over Ocean Warming and Acidification

A Marine Climate Change reportcard released by Australian Scientists has warned that: ocean temperatures have warmed; the flow of the East Australian Current has strengthened, and will likely increase a further 20% by 2100; Marine biodiversity is changing in south-east Australia in response; and declines of over 10% in growth rates of massive corals on the Great Barrier Reef are likely due to ocean acidification and thermal stress.