Sea Shepherd vows to continue campaign after destruction of Ady Gil by whalers

Yesterday was a hectic day in Commonwealth Bay, near Antarctica, in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Ady Gil, while stationary, was puposefully rammed at speed by the Japanese whaling security vessel, the Shonan Maru 2. And the Japanese whaling fleet, and the world discovered Sea Shepherds surprise new conservation ship, the Bob Baker, an ex-Norwegian Antarctic ice-class whaling vessel that was bought in 2009 and secretly refitted in South Africa.

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Aboriginal struggle like those in China and Iran

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 3 January 2010 - - A NSW activist likens the struggle for Aboriginal rights to the uprisings to win freedom in China and Iran.

“The repressive and discriminatory laws that we are subject to here in Australia would not be tolerated anywhere else in the free world,” Michael Anderson writes in a media release (full text below).

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Vessel searching south of Tasmania for whaling ship.

The Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin has been followed for the last 3 weeks by a security vessel/harpoon ship called the Shonan Maru 2. When on Tuesday the Steve Irwin docked in Hobart she was followed right up to the Australian EEZ by this whaling vessel. It is thought the Shonan maru 2 is still lurking offshore. A small group have decided to hunt the whale hunters just outside the Australian EEZ and have taken their boat to search for the lurking Shonan Maru 2. These people are not linked to any conservation group and are entirely self funded.

We already gave the Danes a princess - give us back our protestor!

Update Jan5,2009: Two climate prisoners released but still facing charges

Danish authorities are continuing to detain an Australian, Friends of the Earth activist Natasha Verco, for a third week since the Copenhagen climate conference. She will appear in court in Copenhagen on Monday January 4th 2010.


Australia coming home strongly as one of the worst climate Fossils

On Thursday Dec 17 Australia picked up a 1st place fossil award for Bullying Tuvalu and Other Small Island States. In addition it shared 2nd and 3rd place with Canada, and Japan because of our inability to even keep up with the US on long-term climate finance.

UN leaked document verifies world heading for 3 degree plus temperatures

A leaked draft UNFCC document dated 15th December shows that current committments of emissions reductions "remain on an unsustainable pathway that could lead to concentrations equal or above 550ppm with the related temperature raise around 3 degrees C.".

Australia collects second Fossil award over climate financing

The 9th Fossil of the day award was announced with Australia as part of the Umbrella group winning 2nd place. The satirical awards are a popular event presented by Climate Action Network activists.'Fossil of The Day' awards are given to the countries who perform the worst during the past day's negotiations at UN climate change conferences. (Youtube Video)

Australia is trying to buy off small Islands at Copenhagen climate talks

Pressure is clearly building on poor countries to back down from strong climate targets here in Copenhagen. At a powerful press conference this morning, the Prime Minister of Tuvalu accused Australia of setting up a private meeting with a number of small island states and trying to bribe them into accepting the 2 degrees C target that would mean extinction for their islands.

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Call to an Aboriginal summit in Canberra

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 12 December 09 -- Aboriginal political activist, Michael Anderson, is calling for Elders from around the country to join him in Canberra for a ‘New Way’ summit on 30 January and 1 February next year.

The summit will be at the Aboriginal Centre ‘Jabal’ at the Australian National University (ANU).

“This summit is important for our future in order to take back our right to make our own decisions and stamp out the government-appointed spokespersons,” Mr Anderson argues in a media release.


IUCN report: Koalas threatened by climate change

The Koala has been identified by the prestigous International Union for the Conservation of Nature as under threat from climate change in a new report released in Copenhagen.

The report - Species and Climate Change - focuses on 10 species, including Arctic Fox, Leatherback Turtle, Beluga Whale, Clownfish, Emperor Penguin, Quiver Tree, Ringed Seal, salmon and staghorn corals, and the Koala.