Defend the right to Protest! Defend the Max Brenner 19!

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, July 5, 2011 -
6:30pm to 8:30pm
Trades Hall, Carlton, Melbourne

Ted Baillieu has been promising to bring 'Law and Order' to the streets of Melbourne since his election in December of last year. And he has delivered. First there was the Orwellian ban on swearing. Then came the decision to construct enormous new private prisons. Last Friday night, we got a glimpse of the Liberals’ final goal - abolishing the right to political protest.

After allowing pro-Palestinian protestors to march through Melbourne Central and QV more or less unobstructed, the police sprang their trap outside the Max Brenner store. While simply standing with arms linked, chanting slogans in support of the Palestinians and the BDS campaign, peaceful protestors were attacked by what seemed to be Baillieu's new riot squad. Protesters were ‘kettled’ by riot police, before leading activists were individually targeted in what seems to be a new tactic from Baillieu’s riot squad. The strategy was simple - anybody that had made a speech during the action or happened to be holding a megaphone was a legitimate target for arrest.

An incredible19 activists were arrested, out of a demonstration of around 150 people - many of whom were arrested while sitting down. The charges include trespass, besetting, resisting arrest, and behaving in a riotous manner. 16 of the activists will be required to front the Magistrates Court on September the 5th.

The campaign is looking at more than $30,000 in fines, before legal costs.

These arrests and charges can only be understood as an unprecedented assault on the right to freedom of speech and political protest. Placing signs around Melbourne Central and QV denying protesters the right of entry. The use of trespass laws to deny the right to protest against legitimate political targets. The deliberate targeting of leading activists. In some ways the worst of all is the revival of the besetting law, an old anti-union policy that makes it illegal to picket a premises.

We cannot let the government get away with these attacks! Anyone who defends the right of pro-Palestinian activists to protest in Melbourne, anyone who is interested in defending the right to the freedom of speech and assembly, and anyone concerned by the Baillieu government's assault on civil liberties more generally is invited and welcome.

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The thugs who ran this cowardly protest should be deported to the Middle Eastern Despotism of their choice.

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Nobody begrudges you donkeys the right the protest. What we do begrudge is your belief that you can get away with rank intimidation. Lucky that chocolate is a sweet resistant substance that easily repels such pointless, misguided attacks.

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This has nothing to do with the right to protest. You guys were pretty dumb trying to stop people get into the store - it's no longer peaceful protest if you're stopping other people from going about their business. You're pretty clueless if you expected any other outcome.

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If you were allowed to protest to your hearts content whilst in a public place and only stopped by the police after you decided to enter private property and interfere with the customers right to come and go - how is that an assault on the right to free speech?

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Could someone please direct me to a link that explains, in detail, the connection between the Israeli occupation of Palestine and Max Brenner. Cheers.

Max brenner is owned by the Strauss Group if you can read Hebrew you will find what you are looking for on their web site.
You could try this to clear things up you can get a english translation that says
"Israel defense force
As part of the donations,sales division of Strauss Israel contributed to the soldiers of the 13th Battalion in the Golani Brigade.Donations earmarked for welfare activities,cultural and education,for financial difficulties and to purchase sports equipment,food parcels, books and games donated to the club which spent the soldiers.Yotvata-our dairy farm in southern contributes like Samson's foxes Battalion in the Givati Brigade"
In other word they make these Murdering Terrorist feel comfortable when they are committing Genocide.
The Strauss Group own Max Brenner chocolate