A Current Affair Investigates Australian National Car Parks, 13th January 2010

Jumping the moderation queue for fans of Australian National Car Parks. On 13th January 2010 A Current Affair will air an investigation of ANCP practices and there will be legal practitioners advising you whether you have to pay the 'liquidated damages' they are demanding ($66, $88, $163) and what to do about their evil letters entitled NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SUE.

Spread the word if you've been affected. There is a Facebook group helping with information and advice called The People vs Australian National Car Parks.

Here is the link so you can watch the programme if you missed it:


This should put a serious dent in their coffers.


This problem for taxpayers is cunning and perceived to be elusive people like those at the top of ANCP, are able to exploit our laws and victimise the unwary. This has been a growing concern for people needing to park for many years. While ANCP whose office is in Annandale NSW continue to take advantage of a loophole in the law and extract cash from people who park with little or no understanding of their rights in law. The Australian government oversight bodies such as the Office of Fair Trading, responsible for interpreting the Trade Practices Act continue to take our taxes and suck their collective thumbs about this Australian car park scandal. Why are our elected reps at the State and Federal level not going after this opportunist "trade" when it is clear tens of thousands of their constituents have been and continue to be the victim of unconscionable conduct accommodated by our governments’? What we see reported by bought and paid for media again tonight A Current Affair on 9 Thursday 14 January 2010 is once again exposing unacceptable sharp business practice and yet it continues. Clearly there is no one in the office of Premier and Cabinet in touch with the reality for long suffering motorist in NSW. Edward James. Umina CBD

This website ==> Australian National Car Parks explains the options you have should you receive a "fine" from Australian National Car Parks or a similar private parking company. Don't pay any "fines" until you have read that website. And after you've read it, you are no longer likely to pay any so called fine from a private parking company.

Countless statutory bodies across multiple states should hang their heads in shame for allowing this to go on for such a long time, even more so given that there are so many people unfairly impacted. Fix it once and fix it for all, and make sure these operations (scams) are fully and permanently liquidated themselves.

Wow! A Current Affairs investigation! Doubtlss, it will be the normal six minute, in-depth and thought provoking offering to which we have become accustomed in which both sides of the story will be objectively explored by their highly skilled and insightful journalist. I, for one, simply cannot wait!

Granted A Current Affair is no better than your Daily Terror. But any exposure this scam gets has to be good - these bastards are targeting the poor and disabled, who are more likely to have no idea of their rights and just pay up out of fear.

You are obviously a high educated person with language like that.

Maybe if you get down off your high horse and read the signs before parking you wouldn't incur a "fine"!

Sad losers trying to prove themselves right on this!

Paul Gyles is behind ANCP in Sydney. I hope he's reading all this and hiding in shame. I hear he had his very own 'NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SUE' sent to his home address last week by an irate person about to take them to the Consumer Tribunal...

The link to the current affair TV report is at the top of this string. You are right the bought and paid for media when they run with something they do it their way. I know as both a current affair 7 and today tonight 9 have served me up for their viewers amusement. But we do have a growing puiblic trust journalism forum right here. All it needs is your involvement and support. Cheers Edward James

And look at the footage again and you will see one of their business vehicles parked illegally outside their office. Usually there are two illegally parked cars. Seems management and staff have not heard of the rule of no parking within ten metres of an unsigned intersection or they think the ordinary rules of the road do not apply to them. other vehicles from the business park on the other side of the lane outside garages and within five metres of the intersection. A Lane it may be but it is still a public road and still and intersection, and these rules still apply. Where is the legal council approved parking for this business I'd like to know?

I found last night ACA's report posted on youtube with a humourous title.


It is amazing how violently the man acts. Crazy...

Can someone investigate whether ANCP have Gangster or Bikie connections.

The "Ape or Gorilla" shown on Current Affair last night looks like a failed Bikie.

I just rang Barkly Square Shopping Complex who has a nasty ANCP car park at the rear and asked them why they are supporting this crap and was informed that the owner a 'prestigious' and well known super fund would not be doing anything illegal or wrong. I was also informed that there is nothing wrong with the scam in fact the poor receptionist sounded like she was working for them (ANCP). We should be asking people like woolworths and other businesses why they are allowing this.

I dont know what to do anymore !! DO i have to pay for this or not :(

In reply to Tim (08/05/2010)The Consumer Action Law Centre has put together a fact sheet outlining your options... go to http://www.consumeraction.org.au/downloads/Approvedcarparkingfinesfactsh...

Dont pay for it, never Pay for It! if you do you are silly bugger. And dont write back to them either, they will only gather your details and keep it for legal reasons. So they can pursue you. (Companies can not get personal details)

The only offical people allow to book your vehicle is Police or Rangers, and you can detest that by writing a disposal notice. Their are loopholes in the legal sytem I know this because my brother has masters in law, anyone can get away with a fine or penalty. the reason they have designed this system is becasue of magistrates, judges, police, crooked politicians who continuisly broke the law or who get a fine in the family (sons and daughters for example) that allow the law courts to aqquit them on technicalities and they get away with it. So thats where we can take advantage of their Law. The law makers become the Law breakers. So when you think of it their is no such thing as justice.

This website: Australian National Car Parks explains the options you have should you receive a "fine" from Australian National Car Parks or a similar private parking company. Don't pay any "fines" until you have read that website ( http://sites.google.com/site/unfairfines/companies/australian-national-c... ). And after you've read it, you are no longer likely to pay it.

Anyone who gets one of these rip-off notices should not never pay at all, you are the most gullablest person in the world if you ever do send any kind of money, it is nothing less then a money pocketing scam. The only people that can ever book your car is police and park rangers who work for the council and even you can detest that by writing a disposal notice, so dont be afraid or gullable when you get one on your winsheild. Think! The printout is mereley a docket run off a portable machine run by a unofficial person, an illegal business who pay off corrupt officials so they can stay in business.i wouldnt be suprised if politicians have pocketed money in this.

I received a fine from Care Car park of $88. I contacted the Care Park as soon as i received the fine on my car. I informed them that i purchased a ticket. I was told that they would give me a 10% discount if i paid the fine on the spot. I took advice from my manager who said this happened all time.I recently received a letter from Crown Collections demanding me to pay up $165. I contacted the company and informed them that i had purchased a ticket. They said they would waive the fine if i posted them the original ticket.Uncomfortable of the situation i asked if i could physically see them and show them in person. They weren't too keen on the idea. The person from Crown Collection was the one getting irate and said we were butting heads when in fact i'm trying to do the right thing. I tried to scan the ticket and send it via email but the resolution was not acceptable (hence going in and seeing them in person).

What right do i have? Do i have to pay the $165 Crown Collections Issued me?


Have received a LETTER OF DEMAND from a Solicitor demanding payment of a $88 Australian National Carparkss PTY LTD car fine from August 2008 on 24 June 2011.... They are still at it!

PATROL OFFICER Responsible and reliable person required for part time patrol work supervising car park. Location Melbourne & surrounding suburbs, immediate start. Please email resume/details to: atilla@ancp.com.au or fax (03) 9682 4012 This ad appeared in "The Age - My Career" on 23.07.2011

My stepdad received a fine a few months ago from Australian National Car Parks at a Safeway in Brunswick and he just ignored it. The 'fine' was for not displaying a ticket, even though the first 2 hours were free and he was there for 20 mins. After ignoring the fine he has now received a letter from a solicitor demanding over $200 in 'liquidated damages' within the next 7 days or legal action will be taken!! All of this from parking in a 'free' car park.

Last week I received a letter from a Solicitor (Michael G. Roper) in relation to a fine from Australian National Car parks. The fine is from 2009! After numerous calls to the number listed on the letter, there was no reply. I have now recieved a letter from Australian Recoveries and Collections for $173. I am very glad i have been told what a scam this is!!

Have you had any luck with them

Also got a a letter from Australian Recoveries and Collections for $173.00 for a fine in early 2010. Have made no contact whatsoever with ANCP on advice via A Current Affair programs but am at a loss as to what to do with the next letter that is bound to come from someone. Going overseas to live indefinitely. What does this do to my credit rating if I keep ignoring these letter. Advice from anyone who has beaten them by having everythingn revoked would be great.

HI I have also received a letter from Michale G Roper recently for alledged fines in 2009 has anyone dealt with them recently.

I looks like ANCP and Michael Roper are being investigated. I wouldn't pay anything until the result of the investigation is known.


They're fake fines, so send monopoly money.