Planet Mars To Become Nuclear Test Site

Plans have been put forth to detonate nuclear bombs under the surface of plant Mars so as to create artificial caves, apparently human colonies will eventually be living in these artificial caves, the crust on planet Mars is alot thicker than on planet earth & thus would make a ideal underground habitat.


It has been concluded by physicists that all life will be destroyed on planet earth in 1 billion years time due to the Sun expanding into a Red Giant. Planet earth will be totally destroyed in 8 billion years time when the Sun swallows planet earth. Planet Mars will not be destroyed, this makes planet mars look like a safe place to be for many billions of years.

We are already close to developing spacecraft which can travel to other solar systems.

However seeing that this planet will eventually be destroyed we should extract as much elements, compounds & lifeforms as we possibly can, see link below . . .

It is one of the options to rise mars' temperature, but I dont think that will ever happen, I'm pretty sure people in future will find better ways for that

In the next 1.1 billion years, the Suns brightness will increase by 10%. This will super-heat our planet as a result of a severe greenhouse effect. All of the oceans on earth will boil away and all life will be destroyed.