The department of child safety sent me a letter saying "Hi" after they placed my son in foster care and he died aged two!/group.php?gi...

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Sent: Tue 21/07/09 5:20 PM
Subject: Fwd: Complaints raised regarding your son, LukeBorusiewicz

Hi Mr Borusiewicz,

I would like to inform you that the Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) Central Complaints and Review Unit had received your complaints that you referred to the Minster for Child Safety and Sport on 7 July 2009 and this has allocated to Danielle Kokaev, Acting Senior Complaints and Review Officer. Ms Kokaev would be in contact with you next week to discuss your complaints further.

It would be appreciated if you could please contact the department's Complaints Hotline service and leave a message, including your contact phone detail/s, on the answering machine. The phone number for this service is 1800 080 464.


The team at Central Complaints and Review Unit.

Here is my reply

Get rid of the rot starting from the top.

The team at Central Complaints and Review Unit. (Get rid of these cockroaches too, how can someone on 100 000 a year have a clue about what is going on in disadvantaged impoverished family. You can all jump in your four wheel drive wagons and get lost. I will light a candle for my little boy.

You can tell Ms Kokaev to f*** off and lose my number. If you want to be rude to me, I will be rude to you. My Solicitors Name is Sandra Sinclair. She is out for blood, but noone more than I.

At the top is where your putrid rotting evil regime starts. I have rung your bullshit line probably more than anyone in the history of child safety, and the commission for children, and the police, and lifeline, and centacare, and ATODS, your "unification team leader, visit supervisers."

You tossed my little baby into hell. Scratches on his face and two days later, more scratches on his penis. Three days later he is left for six hours, to die. To die because a bullied old woman who didn't have room for my boy, had my little angel forced upon her. Was she turning a blind eye to what was happening to my little boy. Scratches come from girls, there was a nine year old girl in the house, with nails obviously. Funny thing is she is the only witness to what happened that killed my little boy isnt she.

Now another question. Who ignored my calls, another one of your big titled overpaid underwent...No less than the head of your grotty little organisation in Cairns. You all have to go.

I will do everything possible to close down this operation of sadistic family torture. How could people sit there every week and see how much we loved each other, and drive away with him, again and again for six months.

I have three demands.
1. I am head of child safety N.Q.

2. An option to take on a foster child. An admittance that I was a good father, who loved his son, never abused his son.

I was involved in reports of not abuse, but confrontation of a heavily intoxicated vindictive woman. The day you took him away, the film of me and luke playing piano. I insisted that Peggy let me ride in the car to take him to his mother, as he was terrified of leaving my side. At the top of the website, as soon as that woman took him i rang every private investigator in the phone book. I rang the Minister of Child Safety's office on that afternoon, and that...Is where I got your stupid...Department of Child Safety complaints phone number.

How many thousands of calls do you turn a deaf ear to. It is time to come clean. This is not a competition, there are no winners in my son's case.

When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.

3. Change no. 1 to putting me in charge of Child Safety complaints. They have got their head up their ass further than the idiot that sent me this letter.

That's right, time to call in the federal police. 63 children dying last year under the watch of DoCS. My child this year. The highest rate of death for any age group is under four.



My last words to my little baby boy Luke Borusiewicz
My letter to the coroner regarding the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of my two year old son in foster care
The last time I played with my little boy


It enrages me to read this. My three children were taken from their school and kindy without any notification or evidence of harm. It took me 5 weeks to get them back. The level of fabrication that followed astounds me. But as they said 'we are above the law'
Fighting them in court soon and just hope to get them out of our lives as I now have 2 bedwetters and a son who doesn't want to go to school in case the 'bad people' take me away.
How do they get away with this?

I had a child safety officer call at my home after I rang them asking for help with my son who has ADHD and keeps getting bashed up at public schools (he has been through 5 in the past year - in his prep year he was sexually assaulted by an older student in the toilets - telling my son that if he did not permit his anus to be sexually penetrated with his finger (the boys finger) that he would kill him. The principal said this was not happening and even refused to even have someone supervise and see if it was actually happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). My son started to deteriorate after the sexual assault (yes - DOCS WERE THEN INVOLVED AS THE SEXUAL ASSAULT HAD HAPPENED - you see these mongrel dogs from DOCS do not COME IN TO PREVENT SEXUAL ASSAULT - these bunch of bitches come in AFTER THE ASSAULT to investigate). I obtained counselling for my 7 year old and myself. I took him out of that school; the parents of the child that assaulted my son had friends in the next school that I took my son to; and he was bullied there. So I took him out and put him into a Lutheran college and he was expelled from there as I did not tell the principal in the Contract of Enrolment that my son had been sexually assaulted at a previous public school and so I breached the terms of enrolment and the contract of enrolment!!!! I rang DOCS and asked for help to put my son in a safe school and that he was now exhibiting very concerning behaviours (abusive language and stating that one of the bullies at his school was talking in his head telling him to swear at me!). They got RAI out (which is part of Anglicare) and some stupid old bitch came over and listened to what I had to say. She then went away, did nothing but report it back to DOCS, and then two mini skirt clad tarts - one wearing white plastic over the knee boots - knocked on my door. They said they could offer me RESPITE. She was about 22 years of age and looked like she just came out of a nightclub the way she was dressed. I TRUSTED what she said and signed.. She said I could have my son back on 2 days' notice but he would be in respite care for up to 28 days and that was my decision as to how long respite was required. They said they could get my son to a doctor for assessment. I thanked the little tart profusely TRUSTING she was telling the TRUTH. Sad thing is, is that IT WAS NOT THE TRUTH; BUT LIES LIES LIES. I rang the next day giving the 2 days notice she told me about. She said she would have to get back to me. HER VOICE HAD SUDDENLY CHANGED INTO A COLD AND HOSTILE VOICE. Not the sweety and fluffy "we care about you" voice she came into my house with (that was only done to trick me that they were helping and to trust them). Anyway, the next day, I got a phone call from the little DOCS tart telling me that she had filed an application for a 2 YEAR ORDER and that I should get a lawyer. I have a lawyer... am going to sell my house to pay for a lawyer as not entitled to legal aid for this matter... I am allowed no phone contact; am allowed to see him for 1.5 hours once a week and that is supervised. He screams and cries when I have to leave the DOCs offices and that goes on for 10 minutes; all they do is smile and coax him away but he keeps breaking free from them and running back screaming and begging me to take him. ALL THE DOCS PERSONNEL NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED AND THEMSELVES TAKEN TO COURT BY ALL US PARENTS WHO HAVE BEEN TRICKED, DUPED, ABUSED, MANIPULATED AND CONNED BY CHILD SAFETY PERSONNEL. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN; THEY ARE MONSTERS WHO ABUSE A LEGAL SYSTEM AND SEEMINGLY GET AWAY WITH IT. In my affidavit, I can tell you that I have attached as an exhibit the "DOCS NAME AND SHAME REGISTER" (google it and you will find what I am talking about!). DOCS HAS TO CHANGE - THERE NEEDS TO BE AN INQUIRY AND DOCS STAFF MUST BE PROSECUTED FOR THE HARM THEY HAVE DONE TO THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT FAMILIES AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, THE HARM THEY HAVE DONE TO CHILDREN WHO DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE THEIR PARENTS HOMES. My son will most likely end up a mental wreck, probably will have separation anxiety disorder and PTSD... ALL THANKS TO THE DARLINGS AT DOCS. Oh, yes, and of course, I cant sue them as they are UNTOUCHABLE - they can do what they like and say what they like... and there is no recourse to sue them for defamation! THERE NEEDS TO BE A FORMAL INQUIRY INTO THEIR CONDUCT AND DECEIVING AND PERVERTED SYSTEM. DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SAFETY..... MORE LIKE THE DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SNATCHING.