Melbourne Zoo and DSE fail to shut down rival with superior wildlife shows

Hands-on reptile parties are back on the agenda in Melbourne after a small business shut down by the government regains it's licence.
After an interesting week, Australia’s best reptile parties, run by corruption whistleblower Raymond Hoser are back in business.
The dysfunctional Melbourne Zoo and it’s parent body, the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) of Victoria could never match the standards of Snakebusters when it came to quality and accurate reptile education, so rather than try to match the standards, they instead used their power as government authority to close down their competitor.
On 9 March this year and under instruction from the DSE, Snakebusters were closed down by a corrupt VCAT Judge, Pamela Jenkins.
She forced the immediate cancellation of tens of thousands of dollars worth of bookings for Snakebusters shows, events, school incursions, kids parties in Melbourne and more.
Many clients were forced to book with inferior alternative providers and many complained to VCAT, the DSE, the Minister in charge, Ryan Smith and others.
These people ignored the complaints and put the screws into Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters by making further false and defamatory claims against the company and staff.
However on 8 June 2012, some reason came into things and two judges in the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal agreed that Judge Pamela Jenkins had unlawfully closed down Snakebusters and they immediately re-instated the right of Snakebusters to continue to educate children and others, including Australia’s only internationally rated snake handling courses.
However, re-starting the business operation was not as easy one would think.
Besides the fact that many thousands of dollars worth of bookings have shifted elsewhere due to a thought that Snakebusters may never resume business, several other serious problems arose.
Using Snakebusters registered trademarks, several inexperienced imitators have used SEO and other black-hat methods to rip off Snakebusters customers using the registered trademarks.
Snakebusters have been inundated with complaints by people who thought they had been booking us and had in fact been unlawfully approached by imitators pretending to be us.
So on our first day of business in June 2012, we spent much of the day sending out “cease and desist” letters to trademark bootleggers, instead of the e-mails to our clients telling them the good news.
Of course the real good news is that for the first time in three months mums and dads can book Snakebusters for their next kids party in Melbourne with a no risk guarantee.
Remember only Snakebusters have a perfect safety record and only Snakebusters have hands on reptiles parties where people can handle the animals as opposed to just a boring show and tell.
And yes, hold the animals is a trademark for Snakebusters reptile parties, so if you see someone else hocking their business using our trademarks, let us know.
You see we recently had a case of an impersonator claiming to pat a reptile is “hands on” and we don’t agree.
For us hands-on reptile party entertainment and education means people can hold the animals.
There’s more detail at:
Remember – if it’s not us at your next Melbourne kids party, school incursion or event, then you are probably taking a risk.
Some stats: Melb Zoo - four near fatal snakebites in recent years needing anti-venom.
Snakebusters - a perfect safety record!



Not surprised!

Ray Hoser exposed the fraud with the Koala after the black staurday bushfires and how DSE employees scammed about 700K out of well-meaning people in a fake charity.

For those interested in corruption, you can't go past his Victoria Police Corruption books.