WGAR News: National day of action against Muckaty nuclear waste dump: 12th April!

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National Day of Action against Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump: 12th April!
Nuclear Waste Dump: Possible Legal Challenge; Tennant Creek Protests


[Please note, WGAR is not the organiser for the National Day of Action. See ASEN link below for details of contacts.]

- Background of Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump

Beyond Nuclear Initiative’s weblog:
“This site is a snapshot of current nuclear free campaigns in Australia, particularly focusing on the proposal for a federal radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory.”

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WGAR News: Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump ... (4 Apr 10)

- National Day of Action Events

ASEN - Australian Student Environment Network:
National Day of Action against Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump: 12th April!
1 Apr 10: "On 12 April, the Senate will hold a public hearing in Darwin as part of its inquiry into the legislation that will lock-in Muckaty as the site for a national radioactive waste dump. There will be no hearing in Tennant Creek, effectively SILENCING many Traditional
Owners, who will be unable to travel to Darwin. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT to the Muckaty Traditional Owners who have been opposing the plan to dump dangerous nuclear waste on their country since it was first proposed."
[Includes contacts for every state and territory]

Sydney plans are:

australian activist calendar:
National Day Of Action Against The Muckaty Radioactive Waste Dump.
"Peaceful protest at Peter Garrett's Office
3pm Monday 12 April 806-812 Anzac Pde, Maroubra [Sydney]"


- News

Tennant and District Times: Legal eagles weigh in on Muckaty dispute
9 Apr 10: "A PROMINENT human rights lawyer has agreed to examine legal options which would jettison plans to construct a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty. Sydney-based George Newhouse, who spent the Easter weekend in Tennant Creek, said evidence from traditional owners has raised serious doubts about whether the proper people had been identified for consultation."

Antinuclear: Traditional Aboriginal Owners to Appear at Senate Inquiry on Australian Govt’s Nuclear Waste Dump Plan
9 Apr 10: "Aboriginal Traditional Owners from the Muckaty Land Trust will appear at a Senate Inquiry hearing in Darwin on Monday April 12 to speak against the federal government’s new law that seeks to impose a radioactive waste dump on the NT – the National Radioactive Waste Management (NRWM) Bill."

National Indigenous Times: Nuclear waste dump could face legal challenge: Newhouse
Also SMH: http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/nuclear-dump-could-face-le...
7 Apr 10: "Traditional owners of land which has been nominated for a proposed nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory are considering legal action to stop the project going ahead. ... The land was nominated by the Ngapa traditional owners, one of a handful of family groups who are custodians of the land. But other traditional owners weren't consulted, according to Sydney-based human rights lawyer George Newhouse."

ABC: Lawyers confident over Muckaty legal challenge
7 Apr 10: "Lawyers planning to challenge a waste dump at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek say if what they have been told is correct, they should be able to have the decision overturned. George Newhouse was one of three lawyers from around Australia who met traditional owners in Tennant Creek over the weekend."

ABC Alice Springs: McCarthy challenges NLC to debate Muckaty dump
6 Apr 10: "A Northern Territory politician has challenged the Northern Land Council chief executive to a public debate over the proposed nuclear waste dump site near Tennant Creek. ... the Member for Barkly Gerry McCarthy said he and most of his electorate, including some other traditional owners, are against the move."

ABC: Hundreds rally to stop nuclear dump
5 Apr 10: "Indigenous groups and environmentalists are continuing a push to stop a radioactive waste dump being built on Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory. More than 200 people gathered in Tennant Creek on the weekend to protest against the dump being built on the site north of the town."

Koori Mail: Muckaty dissent continues
[scroll down page] http://www.koorimail.com/index.php
5 Apr 10: "OPPOSITION continues to mount over Ngapa clan requests that the Government consider Muckaty Station in the NT as the site for a nuclear waste dump. Other Aboriginal people have disputed the right of traditional owners backed by the Northern Land Council to make such decisions for the area."

Indymedia Australia: Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump protested by Traditional Owners in Tennant Creek
4 Apr 10: "250 Traditional indigenous owners and anti-nuclear activists protested in Tennant Creek on Saturday April 3 in opposition to the proposed Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump. Anger was particularly directed at Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson, and to the Northern Land Council."

TopNews United States: Lawyers Convinced of Winning Muckaty Station Dumping Case
4 Apr 10: "Lawyers who are planning to dispute a waste dump at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek are confident that if reports are correct then it is probable that they would win the case and the decision will be reversed. George Newhouse, who is part of the three lawyer team who are taking up the case met with traditional owners in Tennant Creek this weekend."

Brisbane Times: Ngapa people reject nuclear waste dump
Also NIT: http://www.nit.com.au/breakingNews/story.aspx?id=19633
3 Apr 10: "Traditional owners of land that could house a nuclear waste dump have protested against the plan, saying they were excluded from the process. ... About 250 people including traditional owners and anti-nuclear campaigners marched in Tennant Creek on Saturday, directing their anger at both Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and the Northern Land Council (NLC) - who they say overlooked them."

Tennant & District Times:
Big turnout expected for Muckaty rally
1 Apr 10: "HUNDREDS of people are expected to turn out in Tennant Creek on Saturday to rally against the proposed nuclear waste dump at Muckaty. Natalie Wasley from the Beyond Nuclear Initiative said the people the Federal Government are attempting to silence with draconian new legislation would turn out to voice their opposition."

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