Social media inspires the Occupy movements - coming to Australia - let us see how 'justice' responds when these movements are on 'their' doorstep.

So-called social media movements in the Middle East and North Africa have been applauded by western governments. Leaders of the so-called 'free world', including Barack Obama asked leaders of these nations to respect the will of the people, to respect their right to freedom of speech and the right to protest, and in many cases for national leaders to step down.

These social media movements are now happening across America with the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy America movements. The Brooklyn Bridge was blockaded by thousands of civil protestors coalesced by social media. They have had enough of the arbitrary indiscretions of the US government, Wall Street, the Bankers and the Multinationals.

What was the response of American authorities? - the same country that has asked other nations of the world to respect the will of their peoples, and who applauded the social media that urged on 'revolutions'. Their response was to arrest 700 protestors on Brooklyn Bridge.

The movement has spread across America and is spreading around the world, it is coming to Australia, with Occupy Australia and Occupy Perth during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in late October.

Let us see how Australia, the USA and other western governments respond, especially after standing alongside the right of these movements in other nations. This movement is the most inspiring development since the Civil Rights movements in the USA and around the world during the sixties.

Gerry Georgatos


Western governments did NOT welcome the revolutions in Tunisia or Egypt, in fact did their best to trivialise and demean the protestors, just as they usually do here.

It only once the pro-neoliberal frontmen were losing that western media and governments switched to back the soon to be winners, just like how News Corp backs the Left only when it is certain they'll win.

Make no mistake, most of the 'strong men'/junta's running less-developed nations are installed, supported and maintained by the anglosphere nations, solely to ensure access to cheaper oil/gold/timber/fish/gas/coltan/phosphate/etc.

The protesters blocked the Brooklyn Bridge what did you think the Police would do?you can't cripple a city like New York by blocking a major road they were arrested for blocking the Bridge not for Protesting, they have been protesting for Four weeks now and no more arrest because they have stopped blocking roads,you say"Let us see how Australia, the USA and other western governments respond"we have seen they let the protests happen in America you just can't block roads no one has been shot or tortured have they?These people have no solution to what they are protesting about the only plan is to protest.Do they want Obama to stand down?Do we want Gillard to stand down?we have Elections for that so what do you want to happen as a result of these protests in Australia?Because the protesters don't know either.

Hick is right Western Governments did not support the revolution in Tunisia ,Egypt or Bahrain the Americans want to sell weapons to Bahrain they have always been on side with America and America did not welcome the revolution in Bahrain.

As usual Gerry you are speaking shit you have a right to protest in America & Australia just no right to cripple a city by blocking roads,Australia is a great place to live if not the best place on earth you can not compare us with Libya, so to all the protesters I know you want to be a part of a Revolution so you can feel important but you can not be compared to what happened in Libya or the civil right movement in America in the 60's to this load of shit even if you try Gerry you are a major tosser

Dear Friends,

Please watch this free not-for-profit documentary for a fuller understanding of why this movement is so critical for the future of us all:



Socialist Marxist Fools! Don't you under stand thatthe big offshore banks want at single global socialist governments to control every aspect of your lives? The banks are funding your movement to stray away from the real problem - The off shore banks and fake debet. Nationalise the reserve bank!

These Occupy "revolutionists" are asking for NO AUTHORITY now... Wth!! So... no schools, government, police, etc.

Cool. Dont come crying to me when your sons and daughters are raped and murdered, to no consequence.

This started off with a real cause and has become a mindless, pathetic cult. Honestly, accept what is. We all change the world but AUTHORITY is nothing more than human instinct. I honestly cant believe how out of control this is and agree, its probably some dipsticks trying to get more attention than Libya so they can "go down in history". I dont necessarily LIKE how society is run, i do think its corrupt but Im thankful it exists. Dont take that away from those who genuinely care about life and the protection you have from law enforcement.

Grow up Occupists.