Peaceful Occupy Melbourne protest brutally evicted

Breaking News - Re-occupation beginning Saturday 29th Treasury Gardens

After six days of peaceful occupation of the city square, and five days before the Queen is due to visit Melbourne, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle warned that if the protestors didn't leave today they would be forcibly removed. The eviction was carried out by 400 police including riot police and dogs. Horses and capsicum spray were also used to attack the crowd at various times. People stood their ground in the square before being removed one by one. Occupy Melbourne then staged a peaceful sit-in in Swanston St which was again brutally attacked. At least 65 people were arrested, most released without charge however it is believed that 5 people remain in custody. The crowd regathered at the State Library in the early evening and have vowed to gather once again - at 12PM in Federation Square, Saturday October 22nd. The struggle against social and economic inequality, against corporate greed and for a real democracy continues tomorrow on the streets of Melbourne and around the world.
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See full article to read an account of the day as it happened.

Account of the days events

The police moved in shortly after 9am, and with the help of council workers and private security guards corralled everyone in with fences, even refusing to let in the legal support coordinator.

By 11am, after several arrests including some with injuries, the police dragged a solidarity protest off Swanston St when they occupied the street. Meanwhile the council workers and cleaners cleared the square of tents, cooking equipment, and everything else except some one to two hundred protesters (hemmed in by a cordon of riot police) who locked arms and chanted throughout their hours long ordeal.

At noon the square was clear except for police and protesters. There was a huge police presence along the streets, with hundreds of shocked onlookers separated from the City Square by a double-fence barricade, and horses aggressively keeping people off the street.

Then the last of the protestors were dragged and hauled from the square, often thrown into the waiting crowd.

Within minutes hundreds of people had occupied the intersection of Collins and Swanston St and after approximately an hour police horses charged through the crowd and police forced everyone away from the intersection, arresting some and shoving many bystanders and supporters out the way - effectively occupying the intersection themselves. Barking police dogs help to keep protestors at bay.

More advances by police had moved the crowd further up Swanston St by 2pm. The day wasn't without moments of levity however with sing alongs to "Always look on the bright side of life" and "We all live in a fascist regime" to the melody of Yellow Submarine.

At 6PM Occupy Melbourne reassembled for a General Assembly at Trades Hall in Carlton. The meeting agreed to meet on Saturday 12PM on Federation Square. A number of protestors are spending the night at Trades Hall.

Legal Support and Police Violence

The Legal Support Team has received many disturbing accounts of police brutality throughout the day including capsicum spray being used on juveniles, peopled kicked in the groin, charging police horses into crowds, people punched in the face, racial and homophobic taunting and an elderly woman being knocked over by a line of police. Channel 7 news reported that six people were treated by paramedics for capsicum spray. At least 62 people were arrested but possibly up to 100 were arrested during the police attack. Most were released without charge although some have been charged with Breach of the peace. As of 10 PM on Friday night, it was believed that 5 people may still be in custody on unknown charges. Statement by Legal Support Team

If you witnessed or have been a victim of police violence then Occupy Melbourne Legal can be contacted on 0434 126 515 or by email at: It will be imperative that as a movement we show solidarity with all those injured and arrested.

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If you live in Australia, are not an aborigine or disabled, then you are almost certainly in the top 5% of the wealthiest people on the planet.

You are not the 99%, they live in Africa, India, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.

Their voice needs to be heard, not yours.

don't take this the wrong way... there is not 104% XD... they are in the top 5% .. but not in the top 1%..and people say 99% because it is easier than saying 99.99%... 00.01% of the worlds population hold 2/3 of the worlds wealth... and that is sure as hell not them. They should protest and so should everyone.

They are the voice of the voiceless just as the other hundreds of American cities organizing are.

Yes, clearly we are in the top 5% of the world's wealthiest people, and perhaps the 99% of the West. But it doesn't mean our voice should not be heard. What we are fighting for is the re-distribution of wealth, for an equal and just world for ALL people. Unfortunately the most marginalised people in the world are most often voiceless, unable to be heard. That is why it is of utmost importance that our voice be heard, to represent the economically disenfranchised people OF THE WORLD, who are sick of this system!!!

This person speaks my mind.

If you are after a re-distribution of wealth we will end up with less money! are you on Drugs?why would we want to share it around when we are making more money than most, fuck the voiceless if the shoe was on the other foot do you think they would help us?
Some people have no brains

We are all working towards the same goal. This is about unity as a country, not just here, but everywhere!

And this is speaking for the poorest of the poor in Africa, India, South America, Asia, South East Jesus and all points around the globe. The UN is more about money then starving children, the world bank is all about oppressing third world countries and keeping them down, the industrial war machine which is for the profits of the .01% blows the hell out of poor children with bombs in these countries. Monsanto spreads their genetically altered seeds that hurt small farmers and actually causes famine by ruining crops on neighboring farms, pharmaceutical companies use Africans as guinea pigs for drugs that they can then market for outrageous prices to westerners that only the wealthy can afford.... the list goes on and on and on.

On top of that... it is the inalienable right of all humans to have freedom of speech and redress their grievances. It is their right to assert their sovereignty assemble on public land and not expect to be attacked physically by their own government.

If you wish to be uneducated and unaware that is your prerogative, but if you are ignorant, you would do well not to make an ass out of yourself and keep your opinions to yourself

You let the Police beat you up! Everybody is laughing at you.
Weak as piss

We're regrouping tomorrow you reactionary fuck, come on down if you're so fucking tough.

If protesters won't disperse after being ordered to by the police, then what are they supposed to do? The moment these 'rent a crowd' protesters defied the authorities, their so callled 'peaceful protest' was no longer peaceful. A big THUMBS UP to our police force for taking back OUR CITY. Congrats to them, the silent majority (the REAL 99%), are proud of you.

and when the government drags you kicking and screaming like a girlie from your bed and drags you to a concentration camp because you lost all of your rights you will wish you had the balls to stand up for them when you had the chance.

It's like the frog in the pot and boiling the water slowly

Noone is laughing. Gandhi as well was bet up and he was right in the final end. All the best from Germany to Melbourne.

You know I read your macho-shit and you give me reason to feel Australia is nothing but a bunch of mindless, idiotic, blinded yobs and we will shame ourselves globally during what can be a movement that will change everything for the better. You are not "everybody", my friend - you are my greatest fear of representation of Australia. Stick your dick in your pants, mate. No one is interested in it except you. And this is somewhat bigger than a cashew. Get smart, grow up and Wake the fuck up. Peace, brother.

Well done people. Reinforcements are on the way. Now that bully boy Doyle has stirred up the bullants we'll give the world's media something to ogle when Our Queen Betty comes to town.

Save vid & pics of pressure point tactics as documentary evidence, victims will win compensation following the precedent that imbecile Kennett set.

I can't believe how stupid the bullies in the Coalition are. I guess the first 2 idiots who commented here will be happy seeing protesters receive shitloads of taxpayers money as compensation for illegal tactics by police? Fuckin' halfwits! I've been amused by the number of slaves demanding their right to be slaves.

Violence is an energy! They want to be violent, thats gonna back slap them! At least I know it's not just NYC. Who the HELL do these governments think they are? Stand strong!

How about getting a job you useless unwashed bunch of hippies. The REAL 99% are sick to death of you lot. Good on the police for evicting you all. Hope next time they go harder, though it's obvious you've gone running scared so they won. Losers.

(To Anonymous at 17:14)With all due respect to your comment I am going to present an alternate argument. I agree with you, within Australia we are in the top percentages world wide and we are certainly not experiencing the injustices faced by people in countries such as Africa, India, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. To explain the intention of the Occupy movement: We are in Solidarity with all other Occupy movements world wide. This would entail that we are also in support of occupations happening in the above places mentioned (Africa, India, Asia, South America and Eastern Europe). We are in solidarity and support of the 99% world wide, not just within Australia. Inclusively, as a first world country we represent the issues of corporate greed and the imbalance of wealth. From my understanding, forty percent of Australia's wealth is in the hands of 1% of the nation's population. The imbalance of wealth is worldwide, and the repercussions of corporate greed within many nations, including Australia, are jeopardising other nation states. For instance, Tungsten, used in iPhone's, comes from the Congo. It is a mineral mined by the people of Congo for an extremely minimal amount of money, Corporate greed allows the companies to pay them so little. That is why we as a nation have a responsibility to Occupy and protest. Inclusively, many voices cannot be heard, so we are also Occupying to represent them. As a person who grew up in a third world country I believe that it has to be a world wide change. Please do not disrespect Australia's willingness to join in Occupy Together, corporate greed is affecting Australia too and they are joining a world wide voice.

A very good precise "alternate argument". It is also possible to just ignore these attempts to sabotage and demoralise the movement. For some time it has become apparent in many countries that there are concerted efforts to derail discussions on this kind of forum, by people (some of whom are paid to do this), generally with arguments like this one: abusive and belittling, but at the same time trying to pose as radical. A good way of dividing and demoralising the movement.
But as the arab saying goes: The dogs bark, the caravan continues!

These people are very easy to pick within a Peaceful movement because of their negitive remarks, is better to ignore them.

Hi Anonymous - I just read your post and it gave me wonderful chills. I am from Canada and receive so much flack from people in my community on how we should not be supporting the rest of the world in solidarity. All the way from up here in Canada my heart goes out to you in love and support. Keep going - the movement is growing strong with each linking of arms, even if we are half way around the world!


Colonel Gadaffi already has reincarnated as Lord Mayor - the Dictator of Melbourne, where peaceful protesters, bloodied by brutal police, feel his wrath.

Yeah, Gadaffi was WAY worse. If he was the reincarnation of Gadaffi (which is a retarded statement anyway since they were both alive at the same time) those protesters would've been raped and murdered. NOT THE SAME THING.

The news media have taken off live footage from their sites.

You people are very brave. You need to be understood more by the mainstream. Lots of of love. I wish i was as brave as you.

You got beaten up by the Police you failed,in Libya people fought the Government and won, America and Australia backed this move by the general public.
If you don't fight you loose,You did not fight you lost, your whole exercise was a waist of time you achieved nothing you are back to square one.
What did you hope the out come to be? The stock market has gained today, the corporate greed continues, if you want things to change you will have to be tougher than that you may have to pick up arms if you want things to change,Ask yourself this do we have the balls?I think the answer is NO.stop wasting your time find a job and become a slave like the rest of us.
Sorry to be so blunt but someone has to break the bad news to you peaceful protests will get you nowhere only arrested

The previous post is a good example of provocateurism.

This is a non-violent movement. The easiest way to fail is to get violent and provide a justification for the state's brutality. That's why shills insist we've got to "get tough" and "fight".

As soon as the protesters resort to violence, they will only prove right the ones who decry the movement as a bunch of law-breaking disgruntled low-class pot-smoking hippies. Peaceful protest is not a waste of time, it is a way to get attention, build the movement, be heard....they did not lose because the police beat them up...they gained more supporters because of the injustice done to them...and because they did not resort to violence even when provoked, the movement can grow and be taken seriously.

It's called a nonviolent protest. Besides more media coverage is given to the movement if these nonviolent protesters are being beaten by the very people that are meant to protect the public. The conflicts in Libya are similar yet very, very different, they were ousting a ultra corrupt and violent dictator/party that no longer represents the national ideal, not protesting against corporate greed and government corruption by those corporations.

A violent revolution would cause way more harm to the movement and the world as a whole. This is the time the new generations take the reins from the older generations and deal with the matters that are close to our hearts, not our wallets.

How exactly does it make sense for protesters to get violent? You do realize they aren't provided with bullet-proof vests and arms, right? The US and European governments only drop weapons into other countries--they don't want their own unhappy citizens armed. Do you realize how easy it would be for the military powers of the world to literally wipe out the opposition? Then where would we be? In military dictatorships. Not smart. Count to ten, remember to breathe, and try to remember that anger and violence only promotes the same from the other side. In an overwhelming majority of cases, nonviolent demonstrations and revolutions are the most effective and last the longest. Violence only invites retaliation and stones and cardboard signs wouldn't do much vs a tank.

thanks for one of the first accurate reports of todays events. I did not see 'angry' protestors. i saw peaceful protestors, and adrenaline and testosterone driven meat head riot police.

i am an australian citizen living and working in europe for the past 3 years. i have had to live on cereal most of that time just to make ends meet. i work 60hours a week over here with very little workers rights. This is what is happening all over the world.
Yes australia you are privileged and have LESS to complain about BUT let me remind you about iceland which was once one of the richest countries in the world! FAR richer than australia!! then one day it was bankrupted by the banks and now the everyday working class good people of iceland are forced to pay back a debt that was not theirs! They also had their savings lost and have no chance of ever seeing it again.
If you think this cant or wont happen in australia i think you are very ignorant!
For the record i have been to iceland and spoken to the locals, i have also lived in scotland, wales, channel islands and the netherlands. i have seen this for myself.
Best of luck with the rally tomorrow guys i pray more melbournians wake up!!
so very proud of u all x

Iceland? This is how we'll end up like Iceland:

Michael West writes some interesting stuff. I always check out his articles in the financial section:

It makes a nice change from most finance "journalists" pissing in your pocket.


We face a lot of the same criticisms here in Canada. Yes we have it pretty good here. But people just aren't seeing the big picture. If the first world doesn't stand up against the exploiters of the the third world then we are just as bad as the exploiters, and we will eventually become their slaves as well. Apathy and ignorance will kill us.

What difference does being aboriginal make? That's slightly unfair and offensive to place the native populace in a demographic that is challenged, or viewed as disadvantaged, there are plenty of successful aboriginal people. This movement isn't about us all starving or having no jobs, it's about stopping that becoming the reality, before the entire global market consists of a few all powerful conglomerates and we all work for effectively nothing; If we're lucky. It's about justice and righteousness, about unity and humanity, not violence and aggression. I wish I could be there, Vive la Révolution!

Wow what are people talkingabout saying their the top 5%? We're all being ignored by our leaders. But you all stay strong and continue to gather. When that queen comes you'll show her things arent rainbows and sunshine like her lackies try to make it seem. They sure are trying to put you down with violence, but they can't beat peacefullness with violence and not be heard. All that is going to do isbring more to your cause, and eventually those police won't want to stand against you. Good luck

Solidarity from Seattle!! WE are on the right side of history, don't ever forget that.

Blessings from the US...stay strong and peaceful my friends!

I am an American. I want to say Thank You to all of the brave Australians willing to stand up for what is right and support this movement. We need you, and we love you. The economic problems we as Americans are facing is global, and I am thankful that so many nations can see the same injustices that we do. We are in this together. Together, we can change this world for the better. THANK YOU!

Keep up the fight my friends in Melbourne. The whole world is watching and you stood strong as these thugs showed what a sham our democracies have become.

Peace and Love from Chicago

I'm outraged at peaceful protestors being treated this way! Keep up the fight, I support you from the USA!

Peace, love, solidarity and lots of respect for my Australian brothers and sisters who stay non-violent in the face of adversity! Occupy everywhere! Our voice deserves to be heard. We need to wake up as many people as we can about the disparity between rich and poor, CEO and employee, banker and laborer, and the wars our governments have launched against their citizens. Stay positive and make as many friends as you can! All the best, from Virginia, USA

Hello all, just wanted to express solidarity with ppl suffering in Melbourne - greetings from London - we too face eviction - but will try like you to hang in there - after NY's success things have already changed and the movement continues to grow - have a watch of this ... inspiring :))

Peace and respect to all :)) x

In Eugene we have the support of our Mayor, the police and the community. It saddens us to see you treated in such a horrible way by your own neighbors!

I hope the guy who got trampled by that horse is ok

This story did not make the nightly news in the United States. I will post a link to it on my Facebook page.

I wasn't there for the worst, but have posted my experiences on my blog. I was in the front line when the police started pushing us up Swanston St.

Why didn't the protestors leave when they were asked?
Earlier in the week a spokesperson said they would leave when asked.