To the beleaguered league from the future

by Christian Bentley

It is easy to notice that we have two Coalitions in this country, as the ever so observing Mr. Abbott so politely feels the need to whine about to every corner of Australia.

But who cares? Both are incompetent. Both are unwilling to change for the better. Both are old, both are obsolete, both are clueless, and both are so desperate to cling on to every and any form of power that they have left, so much so as that they'd sell their souls to keep it.

I may not be the most knowledgeable of all, and at 17 I may not be the most experienced, but forgive me while I espouse my generations most noted notion of 'not giving a shit'. I do not need to waste half my life earning some pointless degree in the tertiary education system to know the difference between good government and bad, to know the difference between a lie and the truth, and to know the difference between a good politician and a bad one … wait, scratch that, all modern politicians are 'bad', down to the very essence of their beings, and all are less likely to tell the truth than the Pope is to come out, move to California, and marry his life partner.

If I could hold your attention for just one minuscule moment, dear adults, may I perhaps put forward to you the fact that we, the youth, do not want your prejudices. We do not want your way of life. We do not want to be so unreasonably obsessed with the ridiculous notion that we must be controlled by notes of polymer and coins of metal that are backed by bricks of shiny gold. And frankly, your insistent preaching and attempts to thrust it unto us is, to a degree, incredibly insulting.

We are above you, in almost every way possible. We care no more about whether our friends prefer penis to vagina, or vice versa, than we care about the colour of their skin. We care no more about their accent and culture than we do about the length of their hair or the colour of their eyes. We do not, in all seriousness, put any amount of worry or hatred on the fact that two people of the same sex want to spend their life together, joined in the most human way possible: marriage. It is ridiculous that the two major Coalitions are so intent on holding onto such antediluvian and archaic thoughts and notions.

Let them marry. Let women earn equal wages. Let teenagers vote. Let go of your disgusting, old, unwanted, embarrassing and horrid hatreds and fears and inhuman prejudices.

We are all of the same species, regardless of gender, rank, colour, orientation, religion, or creed. The same red blood flows through ever vein and artery of us all and the same feet propel us on our journeys through life.

My generation are the people that will one day inherit your mistakes and wrongdoings, and, truly moving forward, without hindrance or worry or hesitation, break down the barriers you all have so happily and stupidly built between mankind, a feat you achieved with a little help from Ignorance and his ally Prejudice. We will inherit this Earth and all her shortcomings, and one day, in your old age, you will thank us for the world that you live in, you will thank us for the equilibrium et homo that will exist in the future.

You so constantly beat us down at every attempt we make to grow up, as if you are desperately intent on holding onto your last vestiges of power. Here's a newsflash for you, folks, YOU'RE OLD. You don't know how to keep up any more. You don't know what we want, because you never ask us.

We want fibre optic broadband, because we realise the immense benefits it will supply to us in the future. We want same sex marriage, because we don't want to see any more of our friends commit suicide because they think they're going to grow up in a world where to be different is to be condemned. We want to stop mass immigration and instead focus on the people that risk their lives in sinking boats just to make it to our shores, instead of letting in a never-ending torrent of people whom can afford to catch a plane and buy a house. We want windpower, we want nuclear power, we want geothermal power, we want tidal power. We do not want coal and the stains it leaves behind on this incredible planet of ours, something we realise as being our one and only home.

So please, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Bob Brown; take a step back, and look at the big picture. You're old. What kind of country do you want to leave behind for your descendants?

Kick-start the processes now and we'll carry it on when it's our turn.



Brought tears to my eyes.

Oh to be young stupid again Nuclear power please1

Author's 17... We might need to raise voting age to 21. :p

One point though, stopping mass immigration. Really? What effects do you think that would have?

What a shame that such a clever person like you thinks that having morals and standards is an antideluvian antiquated way.
Let me remind you that at your age men left this country travelled overseas and lost their lives to give you the freedoms you now take for granted.
Im definitely most certain that on the forefront of their minds wasn't gay marriage and nuclear power.
What most teenagers today have become is narcissistic and most have way too much time on their hands. You can thank the media for destroying the morals and standards that our parents and grandparents embodied. Sacrifice builds character - want to know what is the endangered species in today's world - real men and real women.

Sacrifice builds character ?
you must be one of those who didn't, seeing you are still breathing ?
Umm , sacrifice ? for me ? As far as I know no one except Jesus Christ has sacrificed their life for me and He didn't run around with a 303 killing his enemies !

Way too much time on their hands, right ? lets give them 24/7/12... in Afghanistan, that will stop them thinking of the real issues, like their soul, their relation to God and yes, evan their eternal life.

I will agree with your stand on 'gay' ? marriage, for the nukes thing , well I am sure that when a man is in a war situation he may be concerned about his enemies targeting him and his mates with a thermonuclear device more so during the cold war, I know I would, although If I was going to die I would like it to be quick, unlike those poor animals we ship overseas for slaughter who don't get a choice ?

This country is run by priviledged (those who can spell) groups of the greedy and infamous ,always has been but when Miss Gillard says we should eat cake she and her priv.....ed friends should remember what happened to Marie back in France, the slaves may rebel ??? even better , The Lord Jesus may directly intervene ? as it is written - and with a rod of iron he shall rule the nations and he shall dash them to pieces like the vessels of the potter(sorry , my rendering!)


Sacrifice doesnt mean just giving up your life,it also means sacrificing your selfish self centred wants for the common good of many teenagers do you see doing that today?
The wars that were fought were for all of our benefit or else right now you'd be turning japanese i think im turning japanese i really think so... while kugfu fighting, how exciting.
some fights are worth it and the diggers knew that. you are an insult to them, you unaustralian moron.
PS You have no idea what that verse means in the bible and your arrogance will find you like those who mocked noah itll be too late for you, our digger heroes will be the saints remebered by God- lest we forget them -and you'll be dust they trample underfoot, wake up fool

Now now, must we become personal ?
So how do you read this oh wise man ?
"Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword"
or as he commanded those in the armies 2000 years ago - "be content with your wages and do no harm to any man"

I could go on 'opinionated' but I suggest you to read your new testament and while doing so , note who are the saints mentioned, the gospel of peace they preached and the true sacrifices they made.

Stop pedalling your bullshit, UnAustralian ? gee that's original !

Noah ?
What about Jesus Christ or is that name too scary for you to write ?

Many of my friends are in the military, one in particular was killed in training, obscene use of live ammunition but then hey you speak for the military I suppose or would it be the mercenary sector ?

As for turning Japanese ? I used to love dancing to that song, not anymore since you mentioned it.
And yes I am not being a good christian by answering you and not turning my other cheek but what the HELL , you need rebuking you liar, maybe you should read where all liars go ? not into dust like we 'all' do but ....
I will let you find out about that one ozzie oi oi oi!!!


How typical of a fool to assume he is speaking to a man even though it could very well be the opposite.
I am not afraid to speak about God but I dont use His name in vain.
The persons that gave their lives in the wars did so for us. They did not want this country invaded by an enemy army and occupied. We would be another Asian country if it were not for the selfless sacrifices of our diggers. The youth of today have a choice to complain and complain and complain some more because there exists no more cosnscriptions.
Men and women have become weak and stupid thanks to the media - we need more real men and women of substance and faith. We were the country we were because we were a Christian country.Our diggers did not die for the sake of gay marriages and climate change politics.
God is the judge of all people and he knows that I am not lying despite your accusations.
You obviously know very little of the Bible as you quote it out of context. Have you bothered to read the old testament story of Joshua and Moses, both military men or even King David. God commanded his people to go to war many times to stop the threat of enemy armies invading their lands.
What of the faith of the Roman Centurion that Jesus Christ expouses. God's will is that mankind obey him and his laws. Obviously we should not kill if we can avoid doing so, however in some situations of self defence that may not be possible.
I respect the men and women that died for the freedom that you and I enjoy today and that deserves no explanatiion or apology and you should be ashamed even to write it directly dealing with men and women that serve in the armed forces.You are truly and unbalanced individual even if you think that you aren't and need Gods help to open your eyes.

Woman or man , makes no difference to me what you are hiding.
One thing though which is strange and I hope the indy editors read carefully, my access to your oz sites has been denied several times and my email address accessed?

I am not pointing the finger at anyone yet but whoever they are, piss off and grow up and that includes you 'opinionated' " whoever you are"??

Your understanding of God does not go past the old testament evidently, as you prove in your posts, are you jewish ?

This country declared war on Japan along with the british empire whom you obviously still worship along with your twisted understanding of what it means to be 'christian'.

This is an invaded land, invaded by the likes of you and your brand of christianity, you are nothing but a liar, a fascist and an obvious unrepentant one at that.

This is my last post to you , you may have the last word and when you are so brave and saintly and unselfish maybe you could go and sign up for service yourself, take a bullet for me will you ? NO ? maybe for those who are your mates here in the land of OZ?

I won't shed a tear believe me but I know God will.

May God through Christ open the eyes of those in the Australian military so they do not follow the blind like you, amen..

I never accessed your emailand have no interest and intention to do so you may add paranoid to your list of mental health issues.
I do not worship the british empire, and have nothing against the Jewish people. I am not a fascist but tell it how it is. If it wasnt for the british empire and immigration we would have no country.
I do not agree with the practices of evil people and I have studied most major religions on earth and have a very good understanding of the Bible.So when I quote it I quote it in harmony with the point I am trying to put across.
I am a good person and I will stand up for what is correct and the men and women that gave their lives for us.
Your conscience may burn within you because you are two faced maybe? Do you really hate the diggers and the military but you show yourself an ally to your military friends?
I put it to you that you are the liar and anyone reading the posts will clearly see that.
God is preventing you from harming me because I am his child,I had no intention to harm you in any way, God knows my heart. You needed rebuking because you mocked our heroes and Jesus Christ.
God knows your motives as from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, are you stalking me perhaps? Embarassed by your own stupidity? Blessed be the Lord- give thanks to his mercy upon unrighteous people.