Rosemary Milkins former senior executive at HealthQuest, notorious N.S.W. government medical office, appointed Deputy Commissioner of N.S.W. Fire Brigades

The N.S.W. government has yet again shown its willingness to place Labor stalwarts in positions of power at times when government organizations have been accused of corrupt and unethical behaviour.

Rosemary Milkins was formerly on the board of HealthQuest, the corrupt and now extinct N.S.W. Government Medical office. There are many articles on the internet detailing the atrocities committed by HealthQuest, which was used to silence public service dissent in N.S.W. for years, modelling its use of psychiatry on Soviet methods. Some documents can be viewed at

Everyone on the board of HealthQuest over the years must have read what whistleblowers and dissenters were saying. They knew, they must have known it was a serious abuse of human rights to falsely 'certify' people as 'sick' and trick them into being 'medically retired' on dubious grounds, and yet none of them ever spoke up for the victims of HealthQuest.

Milkins' new role as Deputy Commissioner of N.S.W. Fire Brigades is a clear conflict of interest. The firemen who suffered cruel and abusive initiations and who dared to speak up and complain were sent to HealthQuest - to Rosemary Milkins and her cronies - to be dealt with and silenced. As a member of HealthQuest's board, I believe Milkins was equally as responsible as the lying HealthQuest psychologists and psychiatrists for the treatment meted out to N.S.W. Fire Brigades whistleblowers and victims of assault of the worst kind. Whistleblowers were protesting on the streets in the 1990s and beyond, there were demonstrations outside the old HealthQuest headquarters in Haymarket with loudspeakers. Victims handed out leaflets telling their stories. On one occasion HealthQuest victims got into the lift with their placards and attempted to go to the office and protest and were assaulted by security guards and thrown out. There were articles in the Sun Herald by prominent journalist Sue Williams about the abuses happening about HealthQuest, about the medicalization of industrial matters and the use of psychiatry to punish those brave enough to challenge the system: in particular, the firemen who tried to stop the abuse.

Don't tell me Rosemary Milkins didn't know about this. She was in the thick of the mire. And now she is on the Board of one of the organizations whose unfortunate, abused employees were particularly singled out for the HealthQuest treatment.

Shame on the N.S.W. Labor government - yet again.



The Office of Premier and Cabinet along with their opposition, continues to accommodate political sins against the people. Headed up by puppet Premier and media cad fly Kristine Keneally. Who seems determined to push through as the token Labor woman leader. Dug up and wheeled out whenever all else fails for Labor. Rosmary Milkins someone should explain to Labor it is not wise to rake over the coals of their past indiscretions. Edward James

HealthQuest and Chelmsford - both notorious for apparent tortous, sometimes fatal, heinous crimes against Australian people.

While Chelmsford medical staff were apparently protected and installed within Dept Health, HealthQuest staff are also apparently protected and installed in OUR other government aencies.

Funny how the stink rises?

You may recall that the misnamed, useless Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC)was set up by our pollies INSTEAD of actioning the apparent crimes committed in Chelmsford.

Refusing to rectify past wrongs is one of the significant pointers that a person or organisation is corrupt.

The HCCC took and kept millions of our tax-payers' money "to ensure that Chelmsford atrocities did not ever happen again".

What a joke!

HealthQuest psychiatrists and board member had to be fed - HealthQuest flourished with one of their own reputedly boasting in 2003 that HealthQuest performed approximately 17,000 services per year at several hundred dollars income from each person they processed, and that approx half of these are for employees in a 'complex' situation with his/her employer.

Shoot the messenger is alive and well in Australia and should be treated as the crime that it is .

Rudd and Abbott, and all the NSW premiers and pollies have the means to know all of this as their staff retrieve, file and cross-reference all material pertaining to their position.

Wilful blindness means that none of them do anything - but that raises the question "what are we paying them millions of dollars for?'

Check out the salaries for federal and state public office holders

We do not want pollies and public servants who refuse to govern and administer our agencies in the public interest

With the level of corruption only spiralling out of control the simple wake-up to them all is for voters to use their vote to show they do not want their type of 'government'

- if they are in office VOTE THEM OUT.
The buck stops only when it gets to the top.

If we do this often enough, and for long enough, one day the prospective politicians may start delivering what we want and actually commence serving the public's best interests - not their own.
See the WhistleBlower's Documents Exposed website for hundreds of cases, documents, references

Val Kerrison

Received a letter from Milkins 30/03/09 after complaining to DPC about HealthQuest withholding medical advice which would have faciltated a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in the person to whom I now provide full-time care, rather than the psychological disorder her govt employer was reporting, identifying me as the likely cause. On behalf of the D-G DPC, Milkins stated the matter had been referred to Minister for Health. No response was received. Subsequent complaint to DPC resulted in advice that HealthQuest had been dispensed with and the matter referred to employer's CEO and Minister responsible for that portfolio. Inadequate responses which did not acknowledge the issue and indicated only that a complaint against management submitted prior to referral to HealthQuest had not been properly investigated.
DPC 'still' looking into it. Should make a good case study in support of the Aust Medical Association's call for General Practitioners to be granted the ability to refer patients for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Certainly makes mockery of Keneally's claim that her Cabinet would 'put care for the most vulnerable at the heart of govt.'

As a Firey and senior officer of the Brigade, I have kept contact and as an ex Vietnam digger, I have participated with the Brigade's Anzac Day march over the years. In particular, over the last ten years I have traveled from the Gold Coast to Sydney each year at considerable cost and inconvenience to attend the Brigades service and the march with the Brigade through Sydney. I have to admit that the real diggers (us returned service guys) has shrunk but it was always a good show with some new diggers and the try-hards wearing their father's or grandfather's medals.

2010 we have this upstart who was appointed by the Government some weeks before who attends the service, makes a speech and occupies time with her views and for all intents, I think she wanted to march - several colleagues said she wanted a uniform for this purpose.

First off you would have to ask why the Commissioner allowed this travesty, secondly you might ask why us attendees allowed this nasty piece of work to speak at our solemn occasion. Well most of us (diggers) were dumbstruck, you turn up and hear the usual mumbo jumbo and we all just think of past mates and wait for the conclusion of these idiots who really know nothing ( like speaking of their father or grandfather who actually did something whilst their experience has been cowering behind their mother or their other shields). It takes a while before you think - who is this bitch?? I guess we now know who it is and what it represents.

These socialist, feminist dogs are about altering everyones lives, beware of them and understand that they thrive under a Labour socialist government. To think that Labour means the Working Man is a joke. They hate the working man, they hate the middle class and in particular, the hate the pensioner and us old diggers.


I feel for the firemen pushed aside not listened to, regarding sexual assault inflicted upon them in a government organisation,but instead given a diagnosis of a personality disorder to shut them up without union support. Such a pity that the Union condoned such behaviour in the ranks. The same thing happened to Ken Thompson's wife; a diagnosis of a personality disorder to shut her up in the Family Court. Another government organisation that condones sexual assault.

I worked at DPC whilst Rosemary Milkins was there until she was asked to take up the senior role at NSW Fire and Rescue. Like many that came into contact with her, I was not impressed with her management style, nor the way that she interacted with staff. It was her way, or the highway. She came to DPC from NSW Health, and surrounded herself with cronies which she poached from that agency. This meant that she was able to build a series of layers around her. Those cronies became the pitbulls for motivating staff by harassment, or at the more serious end by bullying staff. We all knew where it came from, but she shielded herself from it by installing ex-Health staff sympathetic to her way of doing things.

It was extremely interesting to hear that she, of all people, was moved over to NSW Fire and Rescue with a charter to sort out the culture there. Send the bully, to fix up the bullying culture in another place. Maybe it was an attempt to re-educate her.

For those at NSW Fire and Rescue, you don't have to put up with it if she hasn't changed her spots. It might even pay to call Mr Chris Raper and Mr Brendan O'Reilly at DPC to let them know what she is up to at NSW F&R. Afterall, they installed her there at NSW F&R.