Maitreya Rael supports Aboriginal sovereignty movement, urged Raelians to participate in May 1 demonstrations

SYDNEY, April 30 - Maitreya Rael, founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), said in a statement released today that he fully supports indigenous Australians in their quest for sovereignty.

“The human rights abuses and genocide attempts against these indigenous inhabitants have never been properly addressed by Australian authorities,” he said.

In previous statements and speeches, he has expressed ongoing support for the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia. He strongly agreed with the Union’s spokespersons, Pangarte Rosalie Kunoth-Monks and Ghillar Michael Anderson, when they said, "Aboriginal law must sit on top of white man's law, because our law is the law of this land.”

“They’re absolutely right,” Maitreya Rael said at the time. “And the indigenous population should give amnesty to white people in exchange for huge monetary damages and a separate, independent land [of their own] with a separate government.”

In another previous statement, Maitreya Rael called the indigenous people of the continent "the Palestinians of Australia” and declared their situation “the shame of the current generation." He went on to add, "Not only should compensation be paid [to them], but an independent state must also be created for these original inhabitants. And it should be established under a name other than ‘ Aboriginal,' which is the name designated by the bloody invaders from Europe."

Raelians around the world hope that the demonstrations to be held in Australia this coming week will help achieve these goals.

“Maitreya Rael is asking Raelians to participate in the many marches and demonstrations that will be held here May 1,” said Roy Tyrell, the IRM’s Australian National Guide. “We will support the Aboriginals’ right to sovereignty and show our opposition to the indigenous policies of the current government, including its ongoing closures of Aboriginal communities."

Tyrell explained that closing Aboriginal communities greatly escalates the extinction of their culture.

"It's an absolute necessity to keep supporting the indigenous communities,” he said. “Cultural and spiritual decolonization of the First Nation People and their return to their ancestral heritage is critical to their very survival."

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