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Newsletter date: 8 December 2014


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- Homepage of Protect Arnhem Land (PAL) website

Protect Arnhem Land (PAL)

- About

Arnhem Land
"Arnhem Land is an area of traditionally owned Aboriginal land in the most northern region of the Northern Territory in Australia. It is home to the oldest living culture of Indigenous peoples existing on the planet today, where traditional culture and lifestyle are still in existence. This existence of ancient, traditional culture and its practises is under threat."

The PAL Team
"The PAL team are a group of people based in Maningrida who are very concerned about the impact of inappropriate development of this unique, fragile environment. This region supports Aboriginal people maintaining their cultural and spiritual links, and has world renowned natural diversity and areas of world conservation significance. The PAL team is led by a group of Traditional Owners and their families, with administration support from others living in the Maningrida community. ...
Meet the team:
Eddie Mason: Eddie Mason is the traditional owner of Bulachani clan, country of Wayal and Dumdum. Freedom fighter, writer, activist and law man. What a powerful advocate for Indigenous Rights! ...
Rosie Ankin: Rosie is Traditional Owner for Jun-winga country,  Gelma-gorndiya , An-barra clan. ...
Alice Eather: Alice is a young Indigenous Traditional owner in Arnhem Land from the Wúrnal Clan of Ndjúdda Point, Kabalko Island (Entrance Island) and Ngarráku Island (Second Island). ... "

- The Issues

The Issues
"Over 32 ocean parcels around the entire coast of Arnhem Land have been declared as offshore mining exploration sites. Paltar Petroleum is an unconventional mining company who have submitted requests to the Australian Government for permission to explore this sacred region. Seismic testing, drilling and fracking are all exploration methods and pose real threats to the environment and marine life. In the proposed parcels are turtle breeding grounds, crocodile breeding grounds, bird sancturaries, and mangrove areas that are ecologically significiant. ... "

- News

Protect Arnhem Land: We're sending a delegation to Don't Destroy the North
30 Nov 14: "The NT Government's Developing the North agenda is a blueprint for a Territory held to ransom by the extractive industries, including risky new unconventional gas projects. The viability of our remote and regional communities are being sacrificed for the profits of the mining giants, whose operations leave a lasting environmental, health and economic burden. On THURS DEC 4 delegations from mining impacted communities across the Top End will converge on the MINERALS COUNCIL SUMMIT to call on the NT Government to ‘Stop Destroying the North!’ and force these dirty extractive operations to clean up their act or close. ... "

- News

Protect Arnhem Land: The PAL team in action
6 Dec 14: "The PAL team were part of a delegation to protest at the NT Minerals Summit

news.com.au: Officials avoid prostesters at NT Minerals Summit in Darwin
4 Dec 14: "MINING executives and politicians used Darwin Convention Centre’s underground entrance to avoid a small protest led by Aboriginal traditional owners at the NT Minerals Summit on Thursday. The group of around 40 protesters, some of whom had travelled overnight from Borroloola, said they would “make their voices heard” during the two-day conference. Borroloola elder Jack Green used the occasion to slam Glencore and the Territory Government, who he says are poisoning the McArthur River. ... "

Sourceable: NT:Traditional Owners Target Minerals Council
4 Dec 14: "Aboriginal traditional owners have heckled government and mining industry representatives at a Minerals Council summit, calling for an end to mining on their lands. About 30 traditional owners and family members drove to Darwin from Maningrida, with some driving all night to make the 1400km from Borroloola by morning. ... Eddie Mason, a traditional owner from Maningrida, called mining "this industrial disease" sweeping Aboriginal land." By Neda Vanovac

Mining Link: Protesters Heckle NT Minerals Summit Delegates
"At a Mineral Council summit in Darwin today, fracking and the future of uranium mining in the Northern Territory are the topic of discussion. As delegates arrived for the two day conference, protesters carrying signs reading "Stop Destroying The North" and "No Fracking" heckled the ministers, some protestors travelled for 13 hours on bus from Borroloola, almost 1000 km to make their protest."

ABC News: Protesters push past security at Northern Territory Minerals Council summit; Talks to consider fracking and future of uranium mining
4 Dec 14: "Protesters against the McArthur River Mine have pushed past security and into a major mining conference in Darwin. ... Protesters told the ABC they want to give a verbal statement about the impact of the McArthur River Mine to the mine's owner Swiss company Glencore. ... Earlier on Thursday, about 40 protesters holding signs reading "Stop destroying the north" and "No fracking" heckled delegates as they arrived at the two-day conference." By Joanna Crothers and Jesse Dorsett

AMR: Protesters Call For Clean Up Of Northern Territory Mining

The Guardian: Adam Giles: 'emotional' mine protesters need to have its benefits explained

ECNT: NT Government must immediately release fracking report

- Photos & Videos

Photos & Videos
"Call for Action to Protect Arnhem Land ...
Fantastic Poetry by Alice Eather ...
Protect Arnhem Land Awareness Day Maningrida 2103 ...
Alice Eather wins Environment Award NT Young Achiever 2104 ...
The PAL mob at the Paltar offices, Sydney 2013. ... "

- Stand with us

Stand with us
"This is urgent. We have limited resources compared to the huge mining companies. We need help to fight for this pristine land and unique culture. Aboriginal people in Arnhem Land are few. Action is urgently needed. Your support is greatly appreciated. ... "

- News

Facebook: Protect Arnhem Land Community

- Background

Respect and Listen: Protect Arnhem Land

Respect and Listen: Arnhem Land

- Background

Background to the Protect Arnhem Land Campaign, Northern Territory (NT), Australia
(Last updated: 16 May 2014)

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WGAR News: NT Frack Free Alliance: ABC video


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