Renewable world by 2030

 Super-scientist Mark Jacobson from Stanford explains soot-causing warming - plus a way to run the world on clean energy by 2030.  Yes, it can be done technically.  But can we overcome the powers-that-be to do it socially?


We visit an Ultra-Mega coal power plant in India, ten times larger than U.S. stations.  It's already killing people. Of course, India is buying coal from Australia and Indonesia.  If the world's second-most populous country continues it's coal-building projects, we are all cooked.


The show wraps with Manzoor Qadir on the farm soil loss larger than France, just since 1990.  The interview includes a brief discussion of how the Australian government is trying to stop salinization of the Murray-Darling Basin due to irrigating dry lands.  Did you know even "fresh" water contains tons of salt?

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