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New Event: 1 May - 3 August 2014: Parkes, Canberra, ACT
Michael Cook: Through My Eyes
Venue: Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House
"In this unique exhibition, Michael Cook transposes
the faces of Aboriginal people over the faces of
twenty seven former prime ministers, carefully
matching facial features - eyes, nose, chin
- to achieve a blend of original and Indigenous.
Cook encourages the viewer to ask ‘What if?’
and to re-think the way they view Australian history
by viewing these significant Australian faces through
Aboriginal eyes."
Event details:

Event: Until at least 31 May 2014: Woden, Canberra, ACT
People are Legends:
Focusing on the literary works of Kevin Gilbert (1933-1993)
2014 Heritage Festival
Venue: ACT Heritage Library, first floor of Woden Library
"ACT Heritage Library can now confirm the
exhibition is up until at least the end of May"
"Follow the creative journey of local identity Kevin Gilbert
through this multimedia exhibition curated by his constant
companion, Eleanor. Discover his literary output of
award-winning books and thought provoking solutions to
oppression in Aboriginal communities, along with deep
expressions of embedded pride and belief in the
oldest continuing living culture on earth."
Event details:
Event summary:
Event summary:
ACT Heritage Library opening hours:

New Event: Wed 11 June 2014: ANU, Canberra, ACT
Yolngu Studies Livestream Lecture Series
Venue of next lecture: Ethel Tory Centre, ANU
"This page presents the summaries of the
Yolŋu Studies livestream lecture series that
our study group has compiled. The study group
meets every 2nd Wednesday at 6pm in
Canberra to watch a lecture and discuss it
"We would like to establish a communication...
I learn your culture, your language and way of life
and I expect you to come and learn my language
and culture [so] to understand me better..."
- Ṉärrkama (aka Yiŋiya) Guyula, April 2013
Event details:

Event: 1 to 5 July 2014: ANU, Canberra, ACT
2014 Students of Sustainability Conference
"The 2014 Students of Sustainability Conference,
is a national wide conference being held at the
Australian National University, Canberra from
the 1st to 5th of July. The conference brings together
speakers, educators and artists from around
Australia and will be five days of celebration,
indigenous solidarity, delicious food, networking
and camping."
Event details:
Event details:

Event: 22 November 2013 to 20 July 2014: Canberra, ACT
Exhibition: On Country: Connect, Work, Celebrate
Venue: National Museum of Australia
"On Country: Connect, Work, Celebrate is an inspiring
exhibition that showcases contemporary Indigenous
land and sea management practices across Australia."
Event details:

Event: 6 December 2013 to 20 July 2014: Canberra, ACT
Old Masters: Australia's Great Bark Artists
Venue: National Museum of Australia
"The National Museum of Australia holds the largest
collection of bark paintings in the world. Don’t miss
your chance to see specially selected barks on display
in this stunning exhibition, which celebrates the genius
of Australia’s master bark artists."
Event details:
Event details:

Event: Thu 4 - Fri 5 September 2014: ANU, Canberra, ACT
Engaging Indigenous Economy Conference
Engaging Indigenous Economy: Debating Diverse Approaches
A conference at The Australian National University
Presented by the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research
"Conference will coincide with the retirement from CAEPR
of its founding Director, Professor Jon Altman."
"Since the late 1970s Jon has researched Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander economic practices."
" ... the Conference will engage with the themes of
Jon's research across a variety of disciplines, including
comparative modern hunter-gatherer studies;
economic hybridity and alternate development;
land rights, native title and mining; and
sustainable land-based indigenous livelihoods."
"Potential presenters are invited to submit a paper abstract before 31 January 2014"
Event details:
Event summary:

New Event: 28 - 30 October 2014: Canberra, ACT
Where to from here
- the future of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker workforce:
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Health Worker Association (NATSIHWA)
AGM and conference
"Abstract submissions are now open and
close on Monday 30 June 2014."
Event details:
Event details:

Updated Event: 24 - 27 November 2014: Canberra, ACT
Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) national forum
"Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA), the
national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
allied health peak body, is holding a series of
professional development opportunities for allied
health graduates and students and the wider allied
health workforce."
Event details:
Event details:

Event: 1 December 2014: Acton, Canberra, ACT
The 2014 Annual ANU Reconciliation Lecture
National Centre for Indigenous Studies - ANU
Venue: Arc Cinema, National Film and Sound Archive
"Each year, a renowned Australian is invited to speak
publicly on the topic of reconciliation.
The 2014 lecture will be given by Senior Australian
of the Year 2014 and Reconciliation advocate,
Fred Chaney AO."
Event details: [scroll down page]
Event details:

Event: Anzac Day 25 April 2015: Canberra, ACT
Anzac Day 2015 - Undeclared Frontier Wars Remembrance March
"First Nations and Peoples
to bring banners identifying the place and time
their people were massacred/murdered/poisoned
and by whom"
"Gather 10am Anzac Day 25 April 2015
Corner Anzac Parade and Constitution Avenue, Canberra"
"We also invite supporters to carry banners for those who
are unable to be present. We emphasise that this is a
silent parade in empathy with the solemnity of the day,
wearing black."
Video of Anzac Day March 2014:
See videos from Anzac Day Marches 2011, 2012 & 2013:
Contact: Michael Anderson, Convenor,
Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia
"Our action is highlighting a fact. It is not a protest"
Event details:

Event: Ongoing: Canberra, ACT
Exhibition now showing:
First Australians - Resistance
Venue: National Museum of Australia
"The lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
peoples were profoundly changed by the arrival
of British colonists in 1788. Lives were lost
and land taken as the colonisers attempted to
impose new social, economic and religious
orders. ... "
"Indigenous people responded in a variety of ways.
Some fought back with weapons. Others
developed different strategies to survive this
new and hostile presence."
"Here we present four of these stories."
Event details:

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