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Event: 17 May 2014: Upwey, Melbourne, Vic
John Pilger's documentary film, 'Utopia'
Venue: Black Box Room, Burrinja Cultural Centre
"Utopia is John Pilger's new feature documentary,
made for the cinema and ITV. Drawing on his long
association with the first people of Australia, his
homeland, Utopia is both an epic portrayal of the
oldest continuous human culture and an investigation
into a suppressed colonial past and rapacious present."
Event details:
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'Utopia' film reviews: & &
Respect and Listen Background to 'Utopia' film:
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Updated Events: 17, 26, 28, 31 May 2014; 28 June 2014:
Various locations around Australia including:
Upwey Vic, La Perouse NSW, Shepparton Vic,
Australia SBS Television, Ryde NSW
John Pilger's documentary film, 'Utopia'
"When I began filming this secret Australia 30 years ago,
a global campaign was under way to end apartheid in South Africa.
Having reported from South Africa, I was struck by the similarity
of white supremacy and the compliance and defensiveness of
liberals. Yet no international opprobrium, no boycotts, disturbed
the surface of "lucky" Australia." John Pilger, Guardian
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Event details:
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Event: 3 April - 18 May 2014: Footscray, Melbourne, Vic
Linkages, Knots and Graftings
Venue: FCAC Roslyn Smorgon Gallery
"Linkages, Knots, Grafting is a selection of three connecting
exhibitions; it presents Trade winds from elsewhere, works
by artist Nelia Justo (West Sydney), Textile Tales Woven Journeys-
the result of Nelia’s collaboration with a group of women
from her locality, and Keloid by Megan Evans (Melbourne West).
Artists are linked by multidisciplinary practice dealing with
issues of identity, heirlooms, heritage and its cultural/political
impact on our present lives. Identity in particular, is a recurring
issue in Australia’s broader public and for both artists."
Event details:
Artist Forum - Megan Evans - 11 May 2014:

Event: first Thursday of each month: Brunswick, Melbourne, Vic
Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne (ISJA Melbourne)
Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month
Venue: Solidarity Salon
Event details:

New Event: Sat 24 May 2014, Essendon, Melbourne, Vic
Future Dreaming: Purpose, Passion & Power in Remote Indigenous Communities
"What does justice, restoration and hope look like in remote Indigenous communities?
What role can Christians and the Church in Australia play in contributing to this?"
"The first conference of the AHED Project, in partnership with
Manna Gum, TEAR Australia, Surrender, Essendon Baptist and Tabor College"
Venue: Essendon Baptist Church
"Speakers include:
* Joanne Garnggulkpuy
* Gwenda Baker
* Tim Trudgen
* Jonathan Cornford
* Steve Bradbury
* Barbara Deutschmann
* Grant Paulson"
"Arnhem Human Enterprise Development is a project in responsive
and sustainable development designed to bring hope, prosperity
and new possibilities to desperately disempowered Indigenous
communities in remote Australia." AHED Project - Supporting Indigenous Visionaries
Event details:
Event details:

Event: 4 - 6 June 2014: Melbourne, Vic
What works: doing it our way:
National Indigenous drug and alcohol conference (NIDAC)
Organised by National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC)
"NIDAC 2014 aims to highlight approaches that are working
to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs and
its associated harms among Indigenous Australians. ...
It is expected that many of the delegates who attend the
conference will predominantly be those who are working
to address harmful Indigenous drug and alcohol use."
Event details:

New Event: Tue 10 June 2014: Footscray, Melbourne, Vic
Film Real: Black Screen, June
Screening: 'Destiny in the Dirt' and 'Buckskin'
Venue: Footscray Community Arts Centre Basement Theatre
"The story of Buckskin is like many young Aboriginal men,
Jack Buckskin grew up not knowing his traditional language
and culture, as it had been driven almost to extinction a
hundred years ago. Living on the edge of Adelaide,
a life-changing event set him on a new path."
Event details:
Event details:

Event: 24-26 June 2014: Melbourne, Vic
NACCHO 2014 Healthy Futures Summit:
Investing in Aboriginal community controlled health makes economic sense.
"The summit aims to showcase and demonstrate how economically
valuable the Aboriginal community controlled health services (ACCHS)
are. NACCHO would like to demonstrate to the government
at this summit how investing more in ACCHS is the best
way of promoting better health more employment, more
jobs and greater community economic benefits."
NACCHO: National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
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Event details:
Event details:
Event details:
Event details:

Event: 20 - 25 July 2014: Melbourne, Vic
The International AIDS Conference
"The International AIDS Conference is the premier gathering
for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers,
persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to
ending the pandemic. It is a chance to assess where we are,
evaluate recent scientific developments and lessons learnt,
and collectively chart a course forward."
AIDS 2014 & Indigenous Pre-conference Australia
Thursday 17 - Saturday 19 July in Sydney, Australia
Registration and Scholarship Application System now open
for the International Indigenous Pre-Conference on HIV & AIDS
Event details:
Event details:
Welcome to International Indigenous Working Group on HIV and AIDS:

Event: 6 - 8 August 2014: Melbourne, Vic
Australian otitis media conference (OMOZ)
"OMOZ is a way to link the otitis media research community
in Australia and the region to support collaborative efforts
and share resources."
Category: Indigenous
Registrations close Tuesday 8 July 2014
Event details:

New Event: Tue 12 August 2014: Footscray, Melbourne, Vic
Film Real: Black Screen, August
Screening: 'Ten Canoes'
Venue: Footscray Community Arts Centre Basement Theatre
"Ten Canoes is a ground-breaking glimpse into aboriginal life
centuries before European settlement. Shot in and around the
Arafura Wetlands of Central Arnhem Land, Rolf de Heer and
the People of Ramingining have created a pioneering and
timeless tale for all people and cultures."
Event details:
Event details:

New Event: 19 - 20 September 2014: Melbourne, Vic
Healing ways: art with intent symposium
"This symposium seeks to explore the role of art in
promoting emotional healing and wellbeing in
Aboriginal communities."
Confirmed speakers include:
* Judy Atkinson
* Philip Watkins
* Maree Clarke and Robyne Latham
* Kent Morris
Event details:

Event: Permanent Exhibition: Melbourne, Vic
Bunjilaka: First Peoples
"Told through the voices of Victoria's First Peoples,
and utilising cutting-edge multimedia, Aboriginal language,
artefacts and contemporary artworks, First Peoples;
will tell the story of Aboriginal Victoria from the time of
Creation to today.
First Peoples will celebrate the history, culture,
achievements and survival of Victoria's Aboriginal people."
"First Peoples is a permanent exhibition on display at the
Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum."
Event details:
Event details:
Event details:
Event details:
Event details:

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Creative Spirits: Aboriginal calendar
"When you look at the events which are significant to
Aboriginal people you’ll notice that their recent history
is one of a fight for rights, land and recognition.
It is also a history of sadness, loss and denial."

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