NT events: No nuclear waste dump at Muckaty + National Day of Action Marking National Sorry Day

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New Event: 25 May 2014: Tennant Creek, NT
Community rally and concert: No nuclear waste dump at Muckaty
"All welcome to join the community rally in Tennant Creek on
May 25, or send a banner of support to be included in the
march. This day marks 7 years since the Northern Land
Council nominated a site on Muckaty to be assessed for a
national nuclear waste dump. A federal court trial challenging
the nomination of Muckaty will be heard throught June,
with hearings in Tennant Creek from June 9-17."
Event details: http://beyondnuclearinitiative.com/2014/05/10/may-25-rally-no-nuclear-wa...

Event: 26 May 2014: various locations in Australia
National Sorry Day
"National Sorry Day is an annual day of
commemoration and remembrance of all those
who have been impacted by the government
policies of forcible removal that have
resulted in the Stolen Generations." NSDC
"National Sorry Day is a reminder of the
personal pain and ongoing damage caused
by our nation's failure to respect Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people as equals." ANTaR
Event details: http://www.nsdc.org.au
Event details: http://www.humanrights.gov.au/news/events/national-sorry-day
Event details: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=1644
Background: http://www.nsdc.org.au/events-info/national-sorry-day/national-sorry-day
Background: http://antar.org.au/reports/sorry-day-a-reminder-unfinished-business

Event: 27 & 28 May 2014: Nhulunbuy, NT
Why Warriors Presents
Bridging the Gap Seminars
"These seminars were borne of a need to deliver practical
in-depth training to people working at the coal-face and in
policy with Yolŋu and other Aboriginal people. It is an
exciting 2 day journey, providing information and skills
not found anywhere else."
Event details: http://www.whywarriors.com.au/seminars/index.php
Event details: http://www.cvent.com/events/bridging-the-gap-seminar-nhulunbuy-may-2014/...

Updated Event: Wed 28 May 2014: Alice Springs, NT
Forum marking National Sorry Day
The NT Intervention & The New Stolen Generation
Venue: Andy McNeil Room, Alice Springs Town Council complex
Speakers include:
* Barbara Shaw
* Olga Havnen
* Alison Furber
* Karen Fusi
* Paddy Gibson
Organised by:
* the Intervention Rollback Action Group: http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/
* and NT Greens
Event details: http://greens.org.au/news/nt/alice-springs-sorry-day-forum-discuss-%E2%8...
Event details: http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/forum-on-28th-ma...
Event details: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/images/2014/gatherings/pdf/alice-foru...
Event details: http://nationalunitygovernment.org/content/community-gatherings
WGAR Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention: http://indymedia.org.au/2012/04/22/background-to-the-northern-territory-...
WGAR Background to 'Keeping Them Home': Campaign against Forced Aboriginal Adoption in the NT: http://indymedia.org.au/2013/07/03/background-to-keeping-them-home-campa...

New Event: NT on 28 May 2014 (see below), NSW, Qld, WA on 26 May 2014
NT on 28 May 2014 - National Day of Action Marking National Sorry Day
Stop Ongoing Stolen Generations!
Called by Grandmothers Against Removals Gunnedah (GMAR)
* Returning children must be the priority
* No forced adoptions
* Support & services to prevent removals
"We, as Aboriginal Grandparents and parents, have
called protests across the country on May 26
demanding the return of our children who have
been forcibly removed by child welfare agencies."
Supported by:
* Indigenous Social Justice Association
* Brisbane Sovereign Tent Embassy
* Perth Aboriginal Tent Embassy
* Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney
* Intervention Rollback Action Group Alice Springs
NT Event on 28 May 2014: http://greens.org.au/news/nt/alice-springs-sorry-day-forum-discuss-%E2%8...
NT Event on 28 May 2014: http://rollbacktheintervention.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/forum-on-28th-ma...
Event details: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/?page_id=536
Event details: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/
Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/653052328107426/
Event details: http://www.amnesty.org.au/sa/event/34582/
Flyer: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/FilmPromo...
Poster: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/A3POSTER_...
Leaflet: http://stopstolengenerations.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/NDA_leafl...

Event: 6 - 9 June 2014: Barunga, NT
Barunga festival
"The festival benefits the community of Barunga and the
people of the region economically, socially and culturally. ...
In 1988, as the rest of Australia was celebrating 200 years
of white settlement, Barunga was the site of Aboriginal
leaders coming together, and presenting Prime Minister
Bob Hawke with the Barunga Statement. The Barunga
Statement calls for Aboriginal self-management. Bob
Hawke signed the statement in his visit to the festival,
and said he would bring it before parliament. Sadly,
he never did. Today, every aspect of the Barunga
Statement is as pertinant as the day it was written."
Event details: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=1590

Updated Events: various times during 2014: various locations around Australia including Darwin
SNAICC Training Workshops will be held Nationally in 2014 -
Through Young Black Eyes & Working and Walking Together
SNAICC: Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care
Expressions of interest forms and flyers are available from the SNAICC training page:
"The workshops are:
* Through Young Black Eyes Workshops-
a comprehensive set of resources to assist communities or
organisations to run workshops about family violence,
child abuse and neglect, and develop child-safe communities,
all of which can be adapted to suit local community needs.
* Working and Walking Together -
FRSA and SNAICC together offer unique cultural competence
training tailored to the family and relationships services sector.
The two-day workshop is for people and organisations who
wish to develop culturally appropriate professional practice
and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families."
"SNAICC is hosting Through Young Black Eyes workshops in the following regions:
* Brisbane, QLD (March 2014)
* Adelaide, SA (June 2014)
* Hobart, TAS (June 2014) - TBC
* Darwin, NT (July 2014)
* Broome, WA (July 2014)
Event details: http://www.snaicc.org.au/training/dsp-default.cfm?loadref=101
'Through Young Black Eyes' Event details: http://www.snaicc.org.au/training/dsp-default.cfm?loadref=101#TYBE
'Working and Walking Together' Event details: http://www.snaicc.org.au/training/dsp-default.cfm?loadref=101#WWT
Event details: http://www.snaicc.org.au/news-events/fx-view-article.cfm?loadref=32&id=1263

Event: Mon 4 August 2014: various locations around Australia
National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children's Day
"National Aboriginal and Islander Children's Day (NAICD)
is a celebration of our children. Held on 4 August each year,
NAICD was first observed by the Secretariat of National Aboriginal
and Island child care NAICC in 1988. Each year SNAICC
produces and sends out resources to help you celebrate NAICD."
Event details: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/news/events/national-aboriginal-and-islan...
Event details: http://www.snaicc.org.au/news-events/fx-view-article.cfm?loadref=32&id=1344
Event details: http://www.snaicc.org.au/news-events/dsp-default.cfm?loadref=58

Event: 4 August 2014: Arnhem Land, NT
Kids in Culture: Strong, Proud, Resilient:
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day to launch at Garma Festival
"The NATSICD national launch will include a children’s
activity event and panel discussion around the 2014
theme, Kids in Culture: Strong, Proud, Resilient.
Garma is the biggest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
cultural event in Australia. Garma 2014 is being held
from 1 to 4 August and is open for everyone to attend."
Event details: http://www.snaicc.org.au/news-events/fx-view-article.cfm?loadref=32&id=1424

Event: 3 September 2014: Alice Springs, NT
Workshop: Multi sectorial partnerships to improving health outcomes
for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
"This workshop will focus on and celebrate the success
stories which are occurring in programs all over Australia
across a wide variety of government and non-government
Event details: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=1668

Event: 23 - 25 September 2014: Darwin, NT
One health - Indigenous community animal management:
10th anniversary Animal Management in Rural and Remote
Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC) conference
"The conference is an excellent opportunity for delegates
to engage and share information and walk away with new
insights, strategies and practices relating to the health and
welfare of Indigenous communities and the animals that
are so important to their culture and social fabric."
Event details: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=1685

Event: 14 & 15 October 2014: Darwin, NT
Why Warriors Presents
Bridging the Gap Seminars
"Learn more about Indigenous Yolŋu culture than
most people would in a lifetime. Understand why
Yolŋu people and other ethnic minorities are suffering."
"See a model that works, developed with the Yolŋu
people in Arnhem Land; a model that allows the
people to build their future around health, economics,
law and governance, and social issues."
"Why warriors takes you on an in-depth 2 day journey,
providing information and tools not found in other training.
You will walk away with the knowledge that you can create change."
Event details: http://www.whywarriors.com.au/seminars/index.php
Event details: http://www.cvent.com/events/bridging-the-gap-seminar-darwin-october-2014...

New Event: 27 - 30 October 2014: Ayers Rock, NT
The global community engaged medical education muster
"'Muster' is a term primarily used in Australia to refer to
the roundup of livestock. However, it can also refer to the
calling forth of people to a gathering. 'The muster' will
bring together internationally recognised leaders in
community engaged medical education and will stimulate
important discussions about key concepts and
practices at the forefront of medical education: ... "
Event details: http://www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au/key-resources/conferences?cid=1651

Event: 11 & 12 November 2014: Online Training
An Introduction to Cross‐Cultural Awareness
Why Warriors
"An Introduction to Cross‐Cultural Awareness is
presented online, with our facilitator streaming live
from Arnhem Land. You can participate in this workshop
from any location that has a reliable internet connection."
Event details: http://www.whywarriors.com.au/online-ws/index.php
Event details: http://www.cvent.com/events/live-online-introduction-to-cross-cultural-a...

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