Darwin events: Groggy: Art exhibition examining NT booze double-standard + Bridging the Gap Seminar

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Event: Until 12 October 2013: Darwin, NT
Art exhibition by Todd Williams & Therese Ritchie
Northern Centre for Contemporary Art
"Darwin gets groggy with it -- exhibition examines NT booze double-standard"
""My name is Chips Mackinolty and I am an alcoholic …
"Everyone assumes that grog is an exclusively Aboriginal problem.
That is simply not true. Around 50% of Aboriginal people don’t drink at all.
"If the Northern Territory were a nation, we would have the
third highest per capita consumption in the world,
and that is not down to Aboriginal Territorians,
but to non-Aboriginal people living here."
With these words, Mackinolty opened Groggy,
an exhibition of works by local artists Todd Williams and
Therese Ritchie, on September 13 at the
Northern Centre for Contemporary Art." By Emma Murphy
Event details: http://nccart.com.au/index.php/exhibition-program/gallery-1
Review: https://www.greenleft.org.au/node/55008
Review: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/northern/2013/09/15/my-name-is-northern-terri...

Event: Tue 8 & Wed 9 October 2013: Darwin, NT
2 Day Bridging the Gap Seminar
Why Warriors Pty Ltd
"The team from Why Warriors has been running
Bridging the Gap Seminars for over ten years now with
presenters coming from very different backgrounds
creates a very rich and deep human experience."
"Hosted by Richard Trudgen, author of acclaimed book
Why Warriors Lie Down and Die in partnership with
Witiyana Marika, a founding member of internationally
renowned Yothu Yindi band, and
Dianne Gondarra, Yolŋu language consultant and
presenter on Yolŋu Radio."
Event details: http://www.cvent.com/events/2-day-bridging-the-gap-seminar-darwin-octobe...
Event details: http://thna.me/pipermail/darc_thna.me/2013-July/000385.html
Bridging the Gap Seminars: http://www.whywarriors.com.au/seminars/index.php

Event: 29/30 April 2014: Darwin, NT
Why Warriors Presents Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap Seminars: http://www.whywarriors.com.au/seminars/index.php

Event: 14/15 October 2014: Darwin, NT
Why Warriors Presents Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap Seminars: http://www.whywarriors.com.au/seminars/index.php

Event: Tue 27 August 2013: Tennant Creek, NT
Manuwangku - Under the Nuclear Cloud
Photographs by Jagath Dheerasekara
Opening: Tue 27 August 2013
Venue: Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Cultural Centre
"Manuwangku, Under the Nuclear Cloud is a
series of photographs by Jagath Dheerasekara
presenting the community and country around Muckaty,
120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek in the NT."
"For over five years this area has been the focus
of federal government pressure as a site to
dump radioactive waste. The federal plan is
deeply unpopular and is being actively opposed."
"Sri Lankan photographer Jagath Dheerasekara
received the Amnesty International Human Rights
Innovation Grant 2010 and has developed the
exhibition as a collaborative project with the
Beyond Nuclear Initiative and Muckaty Traditional Owners."
jagath dheerasekara photographs and story: http://jd.photoshelter.com/gallery/Manuwangku-Under-the-Nuclear-Cloud-NT...
jagath dheerasekara homepage: http://jd.photoshelter.com/index
jagath dheerasekara book: http://au.blurb.com/books/4159127-manuwangku-under-the-nuclear-cloud
jagath dheerasekara - My Exhibitions & Events: http://jd.photoshelter.com/page1
Essay in burn magazine: http://www.burnmagazine.org/essays/2013/03/jagath-dheerasekara-manuwangk...
Interviews with Manawangku traditional owners Isobel Phillips & Doris Kelly: http://www.thewire.org.au/storyDetail.aspx?ID=10023
Beyond Nuclear Initiative (BNI) homepage: http://beyondnuclearinitiative.com/
Amnesty International Australia: http://www.amnesty.org.au/indigenous-rights
Event details: http://jd.photoshelter.com/page1
WGAR Background to the proposed Muckaty nuclear waste dump in NT: http://indymedia.org.au/2012/04/22/background-to-the-proposed-muckaty-nu...

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