Climate & Fukushima: Where Are We Really?

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This is Alex Smith. Big news continues to pour in from around the world. We've got a lineup of guests, experts and activists, waiting to make sense of it all.

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As I left for a break in July, I issued a special podcast on the global heat wave. If you missed that, join the thousands who download it from our web site at or download it here:

At the time of broadcast, the heat wasn't quite complete around the Northern Hemisphere. The Russian Arctic seemed still coolish, and no word from China, although Japan was suffering through record heat.

One week later, Siberia went into an extended heat alert with hundreds of fires. South East China went down to a killer heat wave, setting the highest coastal temperature records ever seen on the Pacific Coast of Asia.

In this new program, I talk extreme climate change with Paul Beckwith, postgrad climate teacher at University of Ottawa, Canada.

Meanwhile, the triple melt-down at Fukushima Japan has taken some new twists. Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen of gives us the update.

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