Bob Carr publicly attacks West Papua activists

Foreign minister Bob Carr has angrily attacked a group of Australians who are travelling to West Papua, to highlight the continued abuses under Indonesian rule.

The so called Freedom Flotilla is a small group of vessels currently on the way to West Papua.

The flotilla is supported by several prominent Australians including Bob Brown, David Bridie, Senator John Madigan, and even the Liberal Senator Warren Entsch.

But Bob Carr says the project is a “cruel hoax” and told News Limited “should they end up in prison as a result of breaching the law of Indonesia or Papua New Guinea we've got no obligation to give them consular support,"

Carr like so many other politicians refuses to raise any objections to Indonesia’s rule in West Papua despite regular, credible reports of brutal human rights abuses against independence activists.

Does Carr really think there were no problems with the original legal basis for Indonesia’s takeover, the “Act of Free Choice”.

Anyone with half a brain knows that the Act of free choice was a monumental sham involving violence and coercion.

For over 20 years the ALP continually played down the appalling state terrorism against the people of East Timor. Now they are playing down similar brutality in West Papua.

The Labor party simply doesn’t care about human rights and Bob Carr is a perfect example of this callous attitude.

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