Culture Is Life - Campaign by Elders to stop Indigenous suicide


Dear friends and supporters of Indigenous rights,

We reach out today, on the International Day for the World's Indigenous Peoples, with a cry for help from the First Peoples of Australia.

Indigenous youth suicide in Australia has now risen to become one of the highest in the world.

In the last 10 years alone, Indigenous youth suicide in the Northern Territory has increased by 8 times. In the Kimberley, there has been an average of one attempted suicide every week since the start of 2012.

Families are reeling in grief, and communities are overwhelmed with what many are calling "an epidemic of self harm". Something is desperately wrong, and urgent action is needed to restore the balance of life in Aboriginal communities.

There is a solution. And Elders across the country are starting to speak out and share the pain of their people and the healing that is needed.

Following several months of strategising  with Indigenous leaders, we are now ready to announce the launch of our new campaign, CULTURE IS LIFE, in partnership with People Culture Environment, which aims to tackle this unacceptable crisis in one of the world's most developed countries.

This people powered campaign aims to raise much needed public awareness of the issue, influence Government policy, and support successful suicide prevention initiatives on the ground that are struggling for funding.

Please take a moment to watch the campaign video, lend your support if you can, and pass onto your friends and social networks.

We are all part of the healing process.

Together, we can create a more life affirming future for the First Australians.

Thank you for standing with us.

With our best wishes,

Damien & Sinem
Directors, Our Generation Media