Burying the future: Pipelines, Arctic melt, southern hemisphere weather

Canadian scientist Paul Beckwith explains how the Arctic warming emergency is changing your weather. First, story of anti-pipeline media warrior, John Bolenbaugh. The leaks, scandals and deaths behind Tar Sands pipelines.

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The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says an ice-free Arctic is no longer a matter of "if" but "when".

University of Ottawa climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains how the new Arctic climate has changed weather for all of us, forever in human terms. The chain of events that causes cold Arctic air to "leak" south into the UK and Eastern Europe.

But it's a global system. Beckwith shows how air from Himalayas can descend in Arctic, starting a chain of events that impacts even the Southern Hemisphere. It could even make Antarctica slightly colder. His group, AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group) says Arctic may ice free in next year or two. They recommend geoengineering, by spraying sulfur into the high Arctic to preserve the last of the ice there. Without it, Beckwith says, the planet cooks.

First, American anti-pipeline activist John Bolenbaugh worked on the oil cleanup biz - until he was told to cover up tar sands oil from the giant leak in Kalamazoo Michigan - his hometown.

People there are sick and dying, after signing away their rights. John sold his truck to buy T-shirts and signs for the D.C. rally against Keystone XL. He went to Nebraska to warn them about pipeline dangers.

Now John explains how Exxon gets out of paying for the Arkansas spill, and why oil companies prefer to wait for spills rather than build new lines to carry Alberta Tar Sands crud, loaded with toxic chemicals like Benzene just to make it flow.

If the tar sands are enabled by new pipelines (owned by China!) - kiss the climate goodbye. One man's battle to stop it. John's testimony makes your blood boil.

Includes protest song "Burying Our Future" sung by 100 young people occupying the offices of Transcanada Pipelines (controlled by Chinese corporations) in Massachusetts. End music is a clip of "2525" by Venice Beat.