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Last updated: 9 April 2014

Background to the use of Aboriginal languages in NT schools (bilingual education)
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NT Bilingual education: The debate about its effectiveness and value
Brian Devlin Charles Darwin University
"(Paper presented to an AIATSIS Research Symposium, "Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory: Principles, policy and practice",
Visions Theatre, National Museum of Australia, Canberra, on Friday June 26, 2009)"

Vimeo: Bilingual Education in NT: Assoc. Prof. Brian Devlin (CDU)
by Eleanor Gilbert
"Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory and the continuing debate over its effectiveness and value.
AIATSIS Symposium: Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory: Principles, policy and practice
National Museum, Canberra, 26 June 2009"

AuSIL: Indigenous languages in education: What the research actually shows (2009)
Written by Charles E. Grimes Ph.D and published by the Australian Society for Indigenous Languages (AuSIL).
"For a hard copy of the book or to register your interest, please send us your details using the form below.":

Fully (sic) - Crikey's language blog:
Speak your home language but do it in English please! by Greg Dickson (13 May 10)

ABC Life Matters: Indigenous language education (14 Feb 11)
"Guest: Professor Michael Christie, Indigenous Languages Academic, Charles Darwin University"

The Wire: NT’s English in schools policy quashed bilingual 'creative enclaves' (26 Sep 11)
"Featured in story: Dr Brian Devlin, Associate Professor in applied linguistics and bilingual education"

WGAR News: Interview with Brian Devlin on cuts to bilingual education in the NT (29 Oct 11)
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New Matilda: Scrymgour's Bad Language by Greg Dickson (22 Mar 12)

Crikey: Marion Scrymgour speaks: Stop Playing Games With Bilingual (25 Mar 12)

Fully (sic) - Crikey's language blog:
Clear focus on Indigenous languages is rather fuzzy by Greg Dickson (4 May 12)

Fully (sic) - Crikey's language blog:
Ngurrju! Manymak! Pupuni! NT drops First Four Hours in English policy by Greg Dickson (11 Jul 12)

Indymedia Australia: Warlpiri Language Vulnerability by Jeane Bicket (24 Jun 13)
[Warlpiri is a Northern Territory Aboriginal language.]

Fully (sic) - Crikey's language blog:
How cuts to the NT Education Department could widen the gap by Greg Dickson (9 Nov 13)

Reconciliation Australia Blog:
Yirrkala celebrates 40 years of bilingual education by Trevor Stockley (26 Nov 13)

Yan-nhangu Atlas and Dictionary by Bree Blakeman

Green Left: NT gov't to further cut bilingual education by Emma Murphy & Peter Robson (14 Feb 14)

Jarvis Ryan: Bilingual education needs to be extended, not scrapped (20 Feb 14)

Snippets: Will Aboriginal languages still have a role in school learning? by Brian Devlin

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