Gillard government intimidating and suppressing persecuted Australian human rights abuse victims!

I never received any reply to my communications with Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office. And the former Labor PM Kevin Rudd also ignored all my communications with his office on the suppressed documented and corroborated human rights abuses against my innocent son Jordan, a victim of severe school bullying and escalating home rights abuses. And this includes my open letter to Ms Gillard and parliament (below).

I approached Mr Rudd at the Beenleigh community cabinet forum and asked him to please stop ignoring us and to stop denying us on human rights in our very own country, but Mr Rudd continued to deny me any media attention and electoral representation. And he was not interested in hearing about my documented and corroborated judicial abuse and judicial corruption allegations at all.

I have attended many public forums, where I have tried to raise these issues with our political leaders in front of the audience and the media; however I was always ignored, suppressed and denied the right to be heard. I have detailed this in many citizen journalist articles, which were republished by the foreign media, including the Wall Street Journal Online, but government always refused to acknowledge them and always declined to comment.

And my innocent son Jordan and I are still being denied any media attention and human rights advocacy by the Australian Human Rights Commission, by the Queensland Anti Discrimination Commission, the Integrity Commissioner, Ombudsman, our elected local, state and federal representatives, the opposition, state and federal parliament.

Because I tried to repeatedly address Queensland parliament on these human rights abuses, Queensland Police have launched a police witch hunt against us and have repeatedly falsely arrested my son Jordan, locked him up and falsely prosecuted him in trials without a jury, which received no publicity at all. I have also been locked up and prosecuted on false charges, which also went unreported.

We continue to be denied any media attention in order to protect the guilty, which includes Governor Penelope Wensley’s brother Robert Wensley QC, a former judge! Only Independent Australia investigated and wrote about the hidden human rights abuses.

And only WIN TV published a 2 minute news report, which only screened in the Toowoomba area. However, government, the opposition and parliament also refused to acknowledge the news report and again declined to comment.

The news report (my YouTube video no. 6) details the 2nd false arrest of my severely traumatised son at Labor Premier Anna Bligh’s Toowoomba community cabinet forum, which went unreported that day and which was not covered by any of the media present and that includes the national broadcaster, the ABC. However, it was published by WIN TV Toowoomba two days later.

The 1st false arrest of Jordan in parliament 3½ months earlier also went unreported. Jordan was tortured by the Security Intelligence Branch at about 3:00 in (my YouTube video no. 5) and about 10:10 he is slammed into the wall from behind as he had his hands in the air and is falsely handcuffed and locked up. Ms Bligh banned TV news cameras in parliament.

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