Is Premier Campbell Newman really an honest and true Christian?

Mr Newman said his" first 100 days in office had been a lot of fun and very, very rewarding to get on with what we'd said we'd do, particularly on the cost-of-living stuff".

I am so relieved the Christian Premier Newman, who told the media he prays every night, really enjoys his very powerful job.

And I wonder if he prays for my innocent, victimised and repeatedly falsely locked-up, falsely prosecuted and systematically suppressed son Jordan every night also?

Does he really care about all the harm this did to Jordan and me?

And does he ask God to give him the strength to do the right thing, the Christian thing and to give him the political will to stop denying Queensland born Jordan in his very own country?!

I am convinced Christian is as Christian does and the very same thing goes for Honourable is as Honourable does!

Words have absolutely no meaning by themselves if they are not backed by the corresponding actions.

I mean the very actions Premier Campbell promised us he would uphold during the elections such as integrity, accountability, transparency and probity!

I wonder how he would feel if he and his child were subjected to the crazy police witch hunt, judicial abuse, corruption and systematic suppression we have, and someone else was in power and repeatedly ignored and denied him and his family!

Would he just silently sit there and pray for a miracle?!

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Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says his first 100 days 'a lot of fun'



Totally agree, words have absolutely no meaning if they are not followed through with creative,positive actions on those words, meaning they have to be sincere.

A lot of 'christians' are not christianly and use the mask to cover their ungodly and ungoodly deeds and actions.

Anybody who claims christianity whilst denying compassion, empathy and fellow felling is not a christian.

Good lucktoyou.
Don;t let the negative people hurt you,assert, show your spirit, as you havehere in this news article.
Don't stop your passion flowing. Good on you.