Mission to shut down Darwin's Marine base launched at Lavarack Barracks, Townsville

Media Release 4 June 2012
A national campaign to shut down the recently established US Marine base in Darwin will be launched at the gates of Lavarack Barracks with an open mike Speak Out against the US Alliance and the unveiling of a mural. The campaign has been initiated by long time, itinerant peace activist, Graeme Dunstan of Peacebus.com.

"The decision by the Gillard government to invite US Marines to base themselves on Australian soil and to have joint command of Australian soldiers is a serious compromise of Australian national sovereignty and national security," said Mr Dunstan.

"It brings war to our doorstep."

"Furthermore it is a deep offense to Australian Defence Force service people and ex service people," said Mr Dunstan who is an active member of Stand Fast, the national association of veterans and ex service people who have opposed the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When he gets to Darwin Mr Dunstan plans to give public voice to that suppressed soldier outrage by organising a people's court marshal of Major General Michael Krause AM, the officer responsible for the implementation of the US Force Posture Review which is opening Australia to US military occupation.

"With vivid theatre and bitter truth, concerned citizens, vets and ex service people will call on the general to answer the charge of treason."

The Peacebus Mission to Darwin 2012 will be formally launched with the unveiling of a new Peacebus mural by Jenny Stirling, spokesperson for the Townsville Greens.

"Marines out of Darwin! No more US wars!" is the mural's slogan.

In aiming to deport the Marines, Mr Dunstan has no illusions about the magnitude of the struggle that lies ahead.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and we are taking those first steps at the gates of Lavarack Barracks through which have passed so many young soldiers to train for service to their country," he said.

"We will dedicate the Mission to Darwin to their idealism now so wantonly betrayed and to peace in the Pacific for this and future generations.

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Graeme Dunstan, Peacebus.com, 0407 951 688

Jenny Stirling, spokesperson Townsville Greens,

Hamish Chitts, spokesperson Stand Fast,