Brisbane Sovereign Embassy: We need a 'Bran nu Dae'

National Indigenous Radio 23rd March 2012  Brisbane Sovereign Embassy, Musgrave Park | Location Map - Musgrave Park-- Interview ABC Radio 612 30 March -- Sydney Morning Herald: Pitching camp for a cultural cause - -
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The founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Brisbane says Indigenous people need to be heard on the issue of sovereignty. Musgrave Park in South Brisbane is the site of the third Aboriginal embassy to be set up across the country, with others already operating in Canberra and Perth.

Adrian Burragubba says if more Aboriginal embassies were established across Australia, it would start a national conversation on the subject of sovereignty.

He says Aboriginal people are treated as the property of the government in Australia instead of the original inhabitants of the country.

"We're not people that are defined by the British colony or the Australia Government.

"We are self-defining people. So what we're telling people is to come here and, by identifying who your people are and your language, then you're identifying with the original laws and customs of the place of your ancestry."

Adrian Burragubba is from the Babinburra Clan of the Wangan people, a part of the Wîdi (Wiri) language group of Central Queensland. He is well known for his didgeridoo playing, painting and story telling.

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Yes we need a bran nue dae, too true!

Hello, 1 am writing from Norway and hope that you can establish contact to Brisbane Sovereign Embassy.

I am a historian working at the National Archives of Norway. In August I attended an international conference in Brisbane. Then I also visited the embassy in Musgrave Park and spoke with some of the activists there. I told them that several papers conserning the situation for aborgins would be presented at the conference and that I should present a paper in a section on the topic: How can archives contribute to justice for disadvantaged groups in society.

During my visit to the park, I got an e-mail adress to one of the activists, but now I have unfortunately lost this address. Therefore I hope to get your help to create new contact with someone from the Brisbane Sovereign Embassy.

Thank you in advance!
Best regards
Kaare Olsen
Oslo, Norway