Fukushima Disaster - One Year Later

Government lies, Tokyo radioactive, 3 out-of-control reactors. News from nuclear expert Arnold Gundersen to Vancouver conference March 11th, plus reports of citizen activism in Japan, as parents measure radiation in their air, food, and children.

Reports from Aya Marumori & Wataru Iwata of CRMS from Fukushima.

Bottom line: when disaster strikes (whether nuclear, hurricanes, floods, etc) - big government hides the truth, and will not help. We have to organize and act as local communities to survive.

Three reactors, and one spent fuel pool, still throw off radioactivity daily, and still threaten Japan and the Northern hemisphere with catastrophic radiation.


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From this day-long conference in Vancouver, Canada on March 11th, 2012 you hear:

Nuclear expert Arnold Gundersen presentation, plus Q and A on current situation, risk to people in Japan and North America, radioactive trees and seafood, Tokyo's radioactive waste, government mis-steps, and future challenges.

...and, for the first time, two local citizen activists from Fukushima Japan.

Aya Marumori is Exec Dir of health at Citizens' Radioactivity Measuring Stations (CRMS). She visits evacuees in shelters, consults with parents, teaching them how to monitor their own children.

Wataru Iwata takes radiation measuring devices donated by a French NGO, and Belarus (hit by Chernobyl) - setting up citizen radiation measuring stations for air, food, and bodies in Fukushima City and Tokyo.

This group had to bring in doctors from other parts of Japan, because local doctors are totally controlled by Fukushima University and the government - who often say there is no problem, no risk. CRMS is organizing an international conference, to bring in outside experts.

Recordings by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock at the conference "The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - One Year Later" organized by: Physicians for Global Survival (Canada); Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility; Simon Fraser University; University of British Columbia; BC Children's Hospital; Fraser Health.