"Indigenous peoples' cultures are hanging by a thin thread"

On 24/02/2012 8:59 PM Bob Randall wrote:

Dear Friends & Family,

Please have a look at this short compelling video, sign the petition, and share this link with with everyone you can.

The situation here in Australia is worsening for indigenous peoples-our cultures are hanging by a thin thread. We've just found out that a 10-year 2nd phase of a culturally devastating legislation has just passed parliament, despite intense community and civil opposition. It seems the government is trying to rush this through the same way it imposed the 1st Intervention in 2007, before the nation and the world knows & understands what this government is doing to it's First Peoples,

If the Australian government has its way and this proposed legislation passes, it will cut us off completely from what remains of our cultures and the little hope we have left for our survival. Our only hope to stop this racist legislation is if awareness and international support is raised.

Even Amnesty International and the United Nations have not been enough to counter the persistent unwillingness of the government to afford us basic human rights as indigenous peoples. Please add your voice to ours. Each time the petition is signed a personal email is sent to the Ministers. We have very little time to act.

Thank you for your support.

With love,
Uncle Bob Randall & Barbara




this video is indeed compelling and the message and the warning that it gives must be heard, accepted and then acted upon.
ray jackson