Is The Punch being unduly censored?

I recently documented on The Punch how my son Jordan, a victim of severe school bullying and education discrimination has become a victim of escalating human rights abuses including police brutality, false arrest, false imprisonment and wrongful prosecution. After my blog comments were published online they received over a dozen replies. However, sometime between 5 and 6 pm on 13/12/11, all my published comments and the responses to them were removed from The Punch website due to censorship.

My facebook notes page and Cop slams school bullying victim into wall have more information on the systematic suppression of my son’s ongoing ordeal and the fact he is being denied in his very own country and treated less favourably than illegal migrants, who are not denied media attention and human rights advocacy like my Queensland born son Jordan is.

We have been frequently attacked by anonymous bloggers, who usually use the straw man fallacy to attack us from cyber space, call us names and denigrate us without reason and this was no exception. I asked The Punch for copies of the deleted comments and access to my own published information, but The Punch told me in an email “Nup, they’re gone. Sorry! They never should have been allowed up”. As I did not anticipate this, I did not save the comments.

Below are some of the comments I still had before they were all deleted. Whenever I have tried to detail the human rights abuses my unrepresented son has suffered on The Punch, I have been promptly attacked by BIG agenda bloggers. They claim I am not acting in my son’s best interests, abuse me and make false and misleading statements denying the facts of the matter.

Jordan also addressed Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Clontarf community cabinet forum on 2 December 2010, Premier Anna Bligh’s Gold Coast community cabinet forum, and two weeks later at Anna Bligh’s Toowoomba community cabinet forum, Jordan was abducted from the forum and arrested a 2nd time on false charges by the Security Intelligence Branch (SIB) and taken to the watch house. As I pulled up outside the Toowoomba watch house to see Jordan after he was arrested, I bumped into Queensland Attorney General Paul Lucas. I immediately tried to talk to Mr Lucas about the injustice against my son, but he refused to speak to me and walked away.

My YouTube video 5 Queensland Intelligence agents arrest and torture bullied schoolboy UPDATE (video 5) also speaks for itself. Jordan can be heard screaming in agony as SIB suddenly and violently bent his wrist back for no reason at all at about 3:04 after the doors to the public gallery closed behind us. Despite serving the QPS with a subpoena and a QPS Right to Information application, police continue to deny us any CCTV, audio or video footage from that area and the 3 or 4 other CCTV cameras near the front entrance. The audio footage is from my own personal device.

Jordan’s wrist is again violently bent back at about 10:25 in video 5, after he is told to get up from the bench near the front door of parliament and is searched without probable cause before being slammed into the wall as he had his hands in the air and as he was clearly totally compliant and guileless.

Premier Anna Bligh has banned TV news cameras from parliament denying people the right to know what is going on in parliament except for the regime’s own in-house cameras, which do not film what happens to people trying to be heard from the public gallery as a measure of last resort. Nor do they show how police are using excessive force on innocent citizens and human rights abuse victims.

I note here convicted Labor minister Gordon Nuttall was brought in especially from prison, where he is serving a lengthy jail term for official corruption so he could address parliament from the floor. However, our local Labor MP, John Mickel, the speaker of parliament continues to deny Jordan this same right without explanation and ordered me to ejected from the public gallery for the 2nd time on this very issue.

Why are we not equal to a convicted felon like Gordon Nuttall and not entitled to equal access to public service in our own country? When police, the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) and its equally ineffective watchdog, the unaccountable Parliamentary CMC refuse to act and are not doing their job, who exactly is left to uphold the rule of law? Who guards the guardians?

Jordan also spoke out about the human rights abuses at the Law and Order forum in parliament on 14 September 2011, where he was ignored by The Courier Mail and Deputy Queensland Police Commissioner Ross Barnett, who refused to acknowledge him and who refused to respond to his allegations of a high level cover up. Paul Lucas resigned from the deputy leadership the next day. Jordan’s speech however, and the fact we were even there, received no mainstream media attention at all, but Independent Australia journalist, David Donovan covered Jordan’s Law and Order forum address School bullying victim speaks out – media silent

And even though this forum took place in parliament, Attorney General Paul Lucas was not present at the forum, nor was the opposition or any politician present. This is in stark contrast to the 4BC Law and Order forum, which was full of politicians, police, TV and Radio stations. Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson pulled out at the last minute and sent his deputy instead. Despite tweets that day promising the top cop would attend. Perhaps they were all concerned about my following blog comment, which was published at 6:13 am on the morning the forum was to be held, which in itself was very surprising given the systematic suppression:

Jennifer Nash of Logan Posted at 6:13 AM Today

I am deeply disturbed by the lack of police accountability, aggressive and uncaring attitude towards citizens. Law enforcement is not with us at all, but actually working effectively against the people. Police have the power to arrest totally innocent people for no reason and seriously harm them psychologically and physically by handcuffing them to the rear and locking them in police cages. And even when police are made aware of the further harm this is causing innocent and already fragile and depressed young people, they seem very cold and indifferent to their distress. My son Jordan, whose story is on YouTube and Vimeo was wrongfully arrested, handcuffed to the rear and locked in a cage by police for no reason, not once but twice. Who cares about the people, who are seriously harmed by this abuse? And who are then denied a bona fide, truly independent, effective and impartial police complaints process, where they can seek redress for serious police wrongdoing? Police state! Jordan and Jennifer Nash against the Queensland Government (Part Two)

Below are copies of some of my published blog comments to the two articles I commented on at The Punch website on 13/12/11 and some of the responses to it. I do not have a complete copy and The Punch does not want to give me a copy of any of the deleted comments. And for the record, the new Federal Attorney General, Nicole Roxon has thus far ignored us, just like her predecessor, Robert McClelland. In fact, both state and federal Labor and the opposition continue to ignore us. And Prime Minister Julia Gillard continues to deny Jordan despite the promises she made to him in front of the media and the public at the Clontarf forum on 2 Dec 2010.

Bullying and humiliation: That’s entertainment?

• Jennifer Nash says:

06:35am | 13/12/11
Bullying is an issue my son Jordan, who had to leave school because of it, really understands. From there it has gone from bad to worse. My son was denied legal youth advocacy like other children in the Queensland Anti Discrimination Tribunal and we were bullied in court.

Our courtroom audiotapes and transcripts were repeatedly severely edited to deny us the evidence of the apprehended judicial bias and abuse and to pervert the course of justice. I have addressed my local MP, John Mickel, the speaker of parliament and member for Logan on this issue twice.

Both times I was violently ejected. The last time I spoke from the public gallery as a measure of very last resort, my innocent son Jordan, who said nothing was arrested and tortured by police for no reason. I however, was not arrested even though I interrupted parliament.

The Bligh Labor government continues to deny us access to public service on equal terms in our very own country and continues to stone wall and pretend we simply do not exist. I have documented the human rights abuses on my Facebook page, on YouTube and even on the Queensland Police Facebook webpage but the QPS continue stone walling and continue denying us media attention by Queensland Police Media and urgent action.

Queensland Intelligence agents arrest and torture bullied schoolboy UPDATE (video 5)

I unfortunately do not have a copy of most of the published, but later deleted replies to my above published comment, except for this:

@Rose - The Facebook link is correct, you just have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, my published blog comment (Yesterday at 08:47) at this very moment is 5th from the bottom of the page.

@KH – the media is not independent and thus unable to report very disturbing stories. That is why we see little or no investigative journalism on TV, radio and in our newspapers. If our story were not true, those we have accused of wrong doing, would have long come out and openly defended themselves against our documented and corroborated allegations.

Former QADT judge, Robert Wensley QC, Governor Penelope Wensley’s brother has stepped down from his well paid job as University of Queensland Law Professor and the various Queensland boards he sat on. He has left the state and now works as a barrister in Sydney. He has never disputed my allegations. Nor have any of the others involved.

Five of the 6 cops, who testified against Jordan in the wrongful charges against him, one charge of fail to comply with the speaker and two charges of assaulting police in parliament, stated they were from the Security Intelligence Branch (SIB) in their witness statements. Jordan won that case, but it was never reported.

Here is an article about another SIB victim: Cops roughed me up, says blogger

SIB used to be called the Special Branch. Here are two articles on that in case you really want to know more details:

Inside Queensland's spy unit

Beattie: Why the Special Branch was 'insidious'

State Security Operations Group on the frontline of APEC Security

This is the 2nd The Punch article
Gillard reshuffles the deck chairs without conscience

Jennifer Nash says:
06:15am | 13/12/11

I have written to Nicola Roxon about the harrowing human rights abuses against my son Jordan, a victim of severe school bullying, judicial corruption, police torture, false arrest, false imprisonment and false prosecution.

I wonder whether Attorney General Roxon will be doing the legally and morally right thing and recognise my son’s fundamental human rights to access to public service on equal terms in his very own country, where Robert McClelland repeatedly failed. Jordan was born in Queensland.

In the meantime Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, Police Minister Neil Roberts, Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson and Attorney General Paul Lucas continue to deny us any media attention and continue to pretend we simply do not exist.

Queensland Police have even ignored my published Facebook comment on the Queensland Police Facebook page. I wonder how they would all feel if they were treated like this and it was their very own child being made to suffer to this extent, while everyone denies any responsibility. How would they feel? I wonder?!

o gobsmack says:
07:22am | 13/12/11

Maybe if you allowed your son to stand on his own two feet rather than going in to battle on his behalf, he wouldn’t be bullied so much.

o TChong says:
07:49am | 13/12/11

A conspiracy between state and federal institutions
involving everyone- Govt and Opposition . ?
Baseless arrest designed to intimidate and silence- dont doubt it at all,
but the fact those charges were not found proved, by the same judiciary, would seem to indicate that maybe, just maybe, the conspiracy isnt as extensive as you may fear. I hope .

o George K says:
08:28am | 13/12/11

just say your son is gay and he will have all the services fighting for him?

o George K says:
08:28am | 13/12/11

just say your son is gay and he will have all the services fighting for him?

o Alf says:
08:42am | 13/12/11

Roxon would just recommend that you dress your son in plain olive green clothing so he would not stand out and be left alone.

o Jennifer Nash says:
08:42am | 13/12/11

@gobsmack - Just as expected, it did not take Julia Gillard’s paid government bloggers long to attack us and totally turn the truth on its head in order to protect the guilty! Hiding behind the cloak of cyberspace and making completely false and baseless accusations is always easy.

And Jordan was forced out of grade 7 due to relentless school bullying like countless other children in Australia, who are denied an education because of abuse, neglect and political malpractice. Despite being terrified of being arrested a 3rd time on false charges, Jordan in fact returned to parliament on 14 Sept 2011 to address Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett, (who refused to acknowledge him and pretended he did not even exist) and the rest of the guest panel on his ongoing ordeal as reported by Independent Australia:

School bullying victim speaks out – media silent

o Frank says:
08:48am | 13/12/11

George that is a stupid and very demeaning remark…you are disgraceful obviously her son needs help but your comment doesn’t help anybody
o Jennifer Nash says:
08:49am | 13/12/11

@TChong - Even though it was not reported by the meeja, Jordan was in fact found NOT guilty on the completely false charge of fail to comply with direction of the speaker* and the two completely false charges of assaulting police in parliament on 25 Nov 2010 despite 6 police testifying against my poor son as explained on YouTube.

You are talking complete rubbish and you know it. *And the speaker is our very own unaccountable, self serving hypochristian, John Mickel, member for Logan. Shame on you phoney paid regime blogger! And an unaccountable and ethical Police Minister and Police Commissioner would have acted on our documented and corroborated long ago!

Police state! Jordan and Jennifer Nash against the Queensland Government (Part Two)

o Frank says:
09:02am | 13/12/11

Jennifer the things you talk about are truly disturbing in a supposedly western- free and democratic society, I was waiting for the line “get him out of China”(or North Korea) bullying is not something that should be laughed off as a part of life, there is a great support group on Facebook that was created after the moving video of Jonah Mowry (a 15yr old gay boy who was relentlessly bullied to the point where he considered suicide) this shows that there are people out there who think bullying should stop and I’m sure they will support you and your son’s cause as well! Merry Christmas..!/groups/154936741274581/

o Jennifer Nash says:
09:06am | 13/12/11

@George K – Thanks for the advice George, however it does not matter what I say, the Gillard government, like the Rudd government before that are all very determined to deny Jordan access to public service on equal terms in his very own country.

I did in fact contact the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, the Human Rights Commissioner and the Disability Commissioner etc and more than once. However, all refused to help my son and refused to acknowledge us.

Do you understand, we are being systematically denied as Australian citizens in our very own country? All these people (so-called public servants) are all just protecting their own jobs. They don’t give a damn about their duty of care, their legal, ethical, constitutional and moral responsibility.

They are totally focused on themselves. And I suppose when nepotism and cronyism is the order of the day, that is precisely what you get – the systematic denial of human rights abuses and political malpractice.

o Jennifer Nash says:
09:39am | 13/12/11

@Frank - Thanks very much. That was real nice of you and really appreciated. And Merry Christmas to you too.

o Winston says:
10:14am | 13/12/11

What is your end game? What is it that you hope to achieve if everything were to go your way?

o gobsmack says:
10:21am | 13/12/11

@Jennifer Nash
It seems your grievance has long since ceased to be about the original matter (I note your son is now an adult) and has become a grievance about how the original grievance was handled.

As a suggestion, why don’t you just get on with your life and allow your son to do the same. Identifying as a victim in the long term is neither productive nor conducive to mental and emotional well-being.

o ZSRenn says:
11:00am | 13/12/11
Agreed Gobsmack. From personal experience I found that controversy became my addiction. It started out as a simple family law court matter but after 12 years I found that I was just in court for the sake of being in court.
It wasn’t until I realized this and stopped fighting; that I was able to move on with my life, despite never getting the justice I felt I deserved.

The other party in the dispute never realized this and is still fighting other battles today. This is an addiction as bad as any.

Jennifer let it go; you still have life to live and it would be so much better spending it relaxing on the beach than this constant losing battle.

I am sorry but you also lose me when you start using the word “torture” by security of our courts and government offices to describe your forcible removal. This alone makes me wonder whether the bullying was really all that bad and not just a kid trying to get out of school assisted by a codependent mother

o Jennifer Nash says:
11:01am | 13/12/11

@Winston - Truth and justice! What do you think? What would you hope for if you and your son were in this situation?

o BHF says:
11:12am | 13/12/11

I don’t understand. What was the torture (was it as it is legally defined, or some other behaviour)? How does Jordan’s matter relate to the article above. I’ve looked at these links and am none the wiser. Please explain.

o Jennifer Nash says:
11:13am | 13/12/11

@gobsmack – Typical regime crony, always using the same tired old lines, go away, forget it ever happened, don’t seek justice, it is not good for your mental and emotional well-being.
And of course you can do this all from the safety of cyber space. You can try and bamboozle readers, but my YouTube videos, Facebook pages, citizen journalist articles and blog comments speak for themselves.

If you and your child were at the receiving end of all these human rights abuses, you may very well decide it is just not good enough and you may want some redress. Shame on you phoney overpaid government blogger, you are dishonest and unpatriotic.

o Gratuitous Adviser says:
11:19am | 13/12/11

Hi Jennifer
I think it was a stretch to tag your contribution to what Natasha Stott Despoja was discussing, but as one of Julia Gillard’s paid government bloggers and hiding behind the cloak of cyberspace (for obvious reasons as there are a few nutters out there), I have read and listened (YouTube) to what is your argument is and find very little substance or reason to continue, even with the “Hey Jude” support.

I suspect that what you are doing is ruining you and your son’s life by continuing this phobia that you personally have for perceived justice refused, with accompanying conspiracies. You appear to have seen everyone there is to see with no result and more heartache, every time. Now, you are personally too bitter and twisted to see sense however, for the sake of your son, here is my gratuitous advice which I am sure you have heard before from friends and/or relatives:

“Move on with your life and let your son get on with his without this burden overhanging”. If you do, I am hopeful that your son will continue his education and will have a more fruitful, happy and longer life. Remember, we all only get one.

o Jennifer Nash says:
11:23am | 13/12/11

@Alf - I have contacted Nicola Roxon’s office via email and telephone. I spoke to her assistant Kylie, who hung up on me. I phoned back and again asked for Nicola Roxon to act on Jordan’s behalf. Nicola Roxon was present when I addressed Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the Clontarf community cabinet forum on 2 Dec 2010 in front of a large crowd and the media.

However, Ms Gillard just wanted us to sit down, so she could talk. She sent over her media adviser Alexandra Williamson, who gave me her business card. However, all my communications with the Prime Minister’s office have since been ignored.

Will I ever hear from the new Attorney General Nicola Roxon, while former A.G. Robert McClelland doggedly denied my son? I really wonder? What do you think?

o Jennifer Nash says:
11:32am | 13/12/11

@ZSRenn – you sound just like another paid government blogger with the same tired old lines. You can try and confuse readers with your dishonest comments, however, the YouTube video
Queensland Intelligence agents arrest and torture bullied schoolboy UPDATE (video 5)

clearly shows my son was assaulted by police from the Security Intelligence branch when he had his hands up in the air in complete compliance and for the 2nd time that very day! And for absolutely no reason at all!

Despite serving Queensland Police with a subpoena for the suppressed CCTV footage, audio and video, it continues to be suppressed. The missing footage would tell the rest of the story, which continues to be suppressed to protect the guilty.

o Jennifer Nash says:
11:37am | 13/12/11

@BHF – are you serious? How come you don’t understand if the articles and YouTube videos are self explanatory. Julia Gillard has installed Nicola Roxon as the new attorney general. Will she continue to ignore Jordan on these harrowing human rights abuses like Robert McClelland before her? If it happened to you and your child, you would feel otherwise, believe you me!

o BHF says:
11:41am | 13/12/11

But Jennifer I don’t know ‘what happened’ - that is my question.

o Winston says:
11:46am | 13/12/11

What do you actually mean by truth and justice?
What do you want people to know and what resolution will satisfy you?

o gobsmack says:
11:58am | 13/12/11

@Jennifer Nash
“If you and your child were at the receiving end of all these human rights abuses…”.
In my view, the main abuse your son has suffered is having been turned into some sort of celebrity victim by his bitter and delusional mother.

It is unsurprising that you have managed to put offside every official you have come into contact with given your readiness to call anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly agree with you “dishonest”, “unpatriotic” and other names. And you wonder why everyone ignores you.

o ZSRenn says:
11:58am | 13/12/11

“There’re none as blind as those that cannot see!” Enjoy your pain. I feel sorry for you. I however, would rather be looking back on my life at the happy times not a life of misguided pain. Have you ever thought that what you are doing to your son could be construed by many too be bullying? I am sure, he too would like some happiness and not this constant drudge.

o Chief victimhood co-ordinator of Qld says:
12:02pm | 13/12/11

Hey Jenny - can I call you that. Go see your doctor and ask for an increased dosage. That way, your and your son will feel much much better - I use Efexor 150 mg twice day. It keeps me in control. *sniggers sarcastically*

o Tracker says:
12:12pm | 13/12/11

Jennifer, give it up dear girl. Unless your issue can get votes for some politician or government subsidies for some organization nobody gives a toss.

o the_pseudonym says:
12:12pm | 13/12/11

Jennifer, the compensation you seek, may come to you quicker, if you buy a Lotto ticket, rather than expect the taxpayer to set you up for life.

o TChong says:
12:26pm | 13/12/11

I wasnt “talking rubbish"but tried to sympathise, and I dont think the conspiracy is as all encompassing as you seem to think.
To imply I , Gobsmacked ZSR or anyone elsehas to be a paid govt, blogger is truly, undeniably ridiculous.

o Alf says:
01:20pm | 13/12/11
@Jennifer. Sad to hear of your plight. But id does show that Roxon was (and sitll is) and incompetent and worthless Minister.

o the_pseudonym says: blog comments missing

o Jennifer Nash says:

@the_pseudonym – Nothing like a paid government blogger to twist the truth and vilify people! Huh? Where exactly and who exactly am I vilifying all of a sudden now, please be specific. And why can these very powerful public servants not speak for themselves? Why do they need you to speak for them? Don’t they have a union and a regime to protect them from all liability and attack?

You cannot even explain that because you are all about attacking us and denigrating us from cyber space. And what about Jordan’s address in parliament on 14 Sept 2011, which went unreported and which was ignored by the QPS hierarchy?

Is him demanding action from police and demanding he be heard in his very own country, wrong too? Is that vilifying too? You are just bully trying to justify the unjustifiable. It appears my response and question to you was too difficult for you to handle, so you went out attacking us and not the issue yet again.

So, here is my repeated question/answer in response to your previous comment above, why don’t you respond to that instead?

@the_pseudonym – so what exactly is your concern here? Is it that you are worried if government stopped denying Jordan as a Queensland born citizen and responded to his documented and corroborated allegations in the media, released the suppressed audio, video and CCTV footage, government could liable for this shocking cover up?

And if millions of Australians became aware of this, it would not only look very bad, Jordan may actually be entitled to compensation for the escalating human rights abuses he has been subjected to? Am I reading you correctly here?

- This is the end of the blog comments, which are incomplete (as I have been denied access to the information, which was deleted) and the end of this article #



I think that "The Punch" zapped Jennifer's comment and the trailing comments because she successfully hijacked the subject of the original blog by Natasha Stott Despoja. She is obsessed with this cause(????) and should move on with her life and let young Jordan move on with his.

The people running punch are lazy! When they notice something or it is pointed out to them, sometimes they will remove the whole string. Punch is connected to News Limited. It is a fact of life if you are posting comments on something owned and controlled by others like indymedia punch or be prepared to see your work product lost without warning. Donating money wont protect your work product either.