Aboriginal Tent Embassy - New website launched

Aboriginal Tent Embassy will be massive and we need to be there on January 26 starting with the march from Alinga to Parliament at 9am

People will be coming from all over Australia and some from overseas and I and others from WA will be on our way to stand alongside - A number of social justice groups will be there in numbers with our banners calling loud for justice and for an end to tragic incarceration rates as Gerry Georgatos and Ray Jackson often describe on this site.

Aboriginal Tent Embassy has just put up a new website and we encourage everyone to read it in its entirety, it is a wealth of information on the history of Tent Embassy and with a historical gallery of images. It has the schedule of events for the three days and as Michael Anderson and Gerry Georgatos have written all over the place may the event transform in a great call for justice and Michael Anderson describes that it should be felt like a Last Stand for Justice.


January 26 the place to be is Canberra and in the biggest march to the events and camping at Parliament. This is history in the making.

In the coming weeks there will be much television coverage of the event but what we must do is make sure we've booked our travel and presence in Canberra so as Gerry wrote "Parliament is stared down" and as Ray wrote "We are in unity" and as Michael wrote "Justice..."

Please share the website link everywhere, put it on your websites, on your Facebooks, Twitter it and email it to everyone you know and ask everyone to do the same