Occupy Melbourne moves into new phase

Occupy Melbourne has moved into a new phase of the movement after agreeing unanimously at the 28th General Assembly to adopt a short/medium-term strategy involving an expansion to multiple occupation sites and targeted occupations.

The strategy involves both maintaining a Base Occupation & Forward/Mobile Occupations, and co-ordinating an ongoing series Targeted Occupations (such as Occupy Ports in the US). Occupy Melbourne is waiting on confirmation on a potential site for the Base Occupation on private land, where infrastructure to build and support the movement can be established.

It is possible the Base Occupation will be established within a matter of days. Until then, the occupation at Flagstaff Gardens remains and a mobile occupation will protest from within the city centre.

The strategy, adapted from other strategies within the broader Occupy Movement, is an innovative response to oppressive tactics used by authorities and governments to oppress the growth of the movement in western democracies. "If they don't want the movement to grow in our public spaces, the movement will grow everywhere."

Originally sent out as an email by Occupy Melbourne to its email list on December 21st