LONDON - Report/Vids/Photos - Solidarity with Bradley Manning outside U.S. Embassy

Bradley Manning's Military Tribunal Article 32 (pre-military trial hearing) began a Ft. Meade Maryland on Friday Dec 18th.,continued through the weekend and continues into this week. A callout for solidarity action on Bradley' 24th. birthday - Saturday Dec 17th. was answered in 40+ locations throughout the United States and around the world. In London 60 folks gathered in solidarity with Bradley outside the U.S. embassy.

The London gathering heard solidarity statements read from human rights and gay activist Peter Tatchell and recently released British military resister Michael Lyons. Keynote speeches were made by Ben Griffin from "Veterans for Peace", Naomi Colvin from "UK Friends of Bradley Manning" and Ciaron O'Reilly from the "London Catholic Worker". An open platform followed which included speeches by folks from Occupy London SX, "Pay Day", "Global Women's Strike", a British Iraq War veteran, "Pirate Party", "Queer Friends of Bradley Manning", "Oxford Catholic Worker", an Iraqi exile among others.


Messages to Bradley Manning as 60 folks gather in solidarity outside the U.S. Embassy in London (1 min 24 secs)

Anti-War activist/ former U.S. political prisoner Ciaron O'Reilly (3 mins 5 secs)

Iraqi man offers support to Bradley Manning (25 secs)



Bradley Manning and the attack on democratic rights
19 December 2011

The persecution of whistleblower Bradley Manning is a stark warning to the entire working class. Now facing a military pretrial hearing on charges carrying a maximum sentence of death, the 24-year-old Army private is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of government and military documents. The vindictive treatment of this courageous young man is aimed at intimidating all opposition to American imperialism.

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"London Catholic Worker"Ciaron should be getting into the Catholic priests and their child molesting, instead of sticking up for a rat that leaked information he was trusted with.He worked as a intelligence analyst and Leaked intelligence that makes him a traitor to his country no matter which way you look at it.What did he think would happen if he got caught?

Ciaron I will send you a bar of soap and a comb I can almost smell you through the computer, it's sad to see Ciaron the Irish man still supporting the (enemy) English economy

I see he still likes to shit on about vandalising the B52 bomber in America I bet he tells the same story every day

How did the Catholics and the queers get on?